4-4-4 TAG

I got tagged by Kahw33 to do this meme. This is oso my first meme
la ooi !! .

Here it goes la wei..

4 Job I would stink at:

1) Pig farmer - dis wan gua beh tahan la.
2) Rubbish collector - eeeiiyak smelly wan la wei
3) Working in rubber factory - i can guarantee it stink!
4) Cleaning/Emptying septic tank- fuiyoh.. spray parfume for days oso
kenot hilang the smell wan.

4 nicknames i making up for myself: (Dis wan kacang la).

1) Aceone - i'm using it now !!
2) Leng Chai
3) Koh Tai Wai Mang
4) Rocky

4 movies i can watch over & over again:

1) An Officer & A Gentlement.
2) My fishing videos - favourite!!
3) Breakdance
4) Star Wars

4 things i love to do on weekends:

1) Sleep - dis wan kenot miss geh.
2) Walk my rabbit - kahw33 remember you made my bunny cry?
3) English Premier League - how to miss wan
4) Mahjong session - me like a construction worker, got to put
up the tiles!!

4 alkoholic baverages i enjoy from time to time:

1) Tiger
2) Tequila pop
3) Samsu todi
4) Red wine

4 fantastic destination i would like to go before i pass out:

1) Europe
2) Buckingham Palace
3) Niagara Falls
4) Hawaii - i heard got alot cun cun chicks there wan

4 celebrities I would go on a big date with:

Chermaine Sheh See Man- Dis wan cun cun loh

Niki Chow - Dis wan oso cun, I like

Karena Lam - Fuiyohhh..dis wan oso cun.

Maria Sharapova - Aiyoyo.. dis wan oso cun leh..

4 Objects I would not leave without:

1) Handphone - without it, losing a lot of client leh
2) My comb - Got to look leng chai ma duiii..although i got no hair!!
3) My KKC - Can't leave my blader behind ma !!
4) Pen - Got to jot down new chicks hp number leh

4 gaggets I do not have which I quite like to have:

1) Marselee Benz
2) Cipet Vibrator - the chicks sure like it wan
3) A luxury fishing boat for my adventures
4) A Hotel

4 wannable friends tagged:

1) Pisang
2) lin peh
3) AhPek
4) Frostier

10 Aces:

Wingz said...

cipet!! charmine sheh is mine!!! all mine!!!!

scarxxx said...

wah seh... want to rebut Charmine sheh with wingz ah... later he call his Bangla and his dogs to rape u ah...

Yinsi Yat said...

wingz: charmine sheh you want ar? afterward yr wife throw you out to sleep in the balcony you dun blame 9 me !!


kah wee: fuiyohhh..liddat i lari kuat kuat oh.!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

wah i os kena walu eh
my 1st me me....

Yinsi Yat said...

pisang: you done it ledi anot??

Lin Peh said...

Lanjiao ! No wan to do ! :-)

sotongking said...

oikz,i tot u minat yamade movies only?

Yinsi Yat said...

lin peh: i offer one bouncing nen nen avartar just for you if you do it!!

sotongking: not oni yamade movies, lagi "geng" wan oso i like!!

Anonymous said...

mahai! you got cum to my blog onot??? Sohai Wingz tag me liao lah.

Yinsi Yat said...

AhPek: soli leh, i didn't see that.!!

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