Hippo And The Dancing Dog.

Hello to all friends, brothers and sisters, Ah Sooks &
Ah Sums, Piao Mei's & Piao Ke's and Guests. Come on
lets dance. If you dunno how to dance just follow the

I'm sure many of you already seen this video some
where already. Anyway, why not I post it again for
those who missed it.

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5 Aces:

inevitable said...

I got it in my phone... I think there are several versions of it too

scarxxx said...

this is an old song..
same with inevitable, i also have the same vidz in my handset..

Yinsi Yat said...

inevitable: can you e-mail to me the other versions? some how i quite like this hippo. thks

kah wee: say siang siang la! i need this vidz. My niece like it so much.

scarxxx said...

aceone118: adoi... u didnt ask leh.. u like hippo izzit? got get tmnet hippo in ur car or not? Or ur car stick with all the tmnet hippo? LOL

inevitable: share the other version wan la..

Flowsnow said...

sAW it...and I take the offer up. Send it to me via e-mail. Thanks. :D
Bet he will like this.

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