This is the recent conversations between the President of Disneyland
International and Senior Vise President of International Marketing.

President: So what's the latest in international front?

Vice President: Lets see, hmmm..,yes we have an inquiry from Maraysia.

President: Maraysia? Where is that? In Thailand?

Vice President: No..no..that's somewhere south of Thailand, small country
shape like a banana.

President:Okay.. what do they want?

Vice President: They are interested in setting up disneyland there.

President: Oh really? That must be near Hong Kong. How are we doing in
Hong Kong?

Vice President: Ohhh.. Hong Kong is fine. That because the weather in Hong
Kong is great and very conductive to outdoor action for the
whole family.

President: What about the weather in Maraysia then?

Vice President: Blistering hot, up to the thirties. Then they have two monsoon
six months apart.

President: Hmmm, go on.

Vice President: And when it rains the place flood like hell. Cars washed away,
trees uprooted and landslides.

President: You're kidding me are you?

Vice President: No sirs, I have got a report here that says only 4 days ago
an Indonesian community was washed away by landslides.

President: Indonesian community?? I thought you said Maraysia??

Vice President: Oh yes, but they have hundred of thousand of illegal workers
mainly from Indonesia.

President: What's the crime rate like in Maraysia?

Vice President: Oh my, pretty bad sir. Snatch thieves, rapes, childred kidnapped
and killed....just last week alone a little girl was found dead. And
the crime rate is expected to go up.

President: Expected to go up?? Who said that??

Vice President: The police themselves said that sir. They threatened to let the
crime rate go up if the goverment sets up a commission that
all of the policemen dont like . SEE. it here on the net.

President: They even circulated that kind of threat in the net??

Vice President: Apparantly, a dumb corporal did it by mistake.

President: Tell me more about the police there.

Vice President: Well, a report here says last week there was a peaceful
demonstrations against some tariff hikes and the police bashed
them up, beat the hell out of them. I've got pictures.

President: Oh..sounds brutally efficient

Vice President: Oh..not really ..cos last week there was another demonstration;
this time against a forum held in a hotel, and the police couldn't
control the crowd. They actually asked the people in the forum
to go home.

President: What more can you tell me about Maraysia?

Vice President: Hmmm, Let see...Oh yes, they produced fake DVDs by the
thousands and actually sells them openly.

President: Geee... that bad huh? Well, we can't let them touch our merchandise
then, can we?

Vice President: No Sir, Oh..one more thing.

President: And that is??

Vice President:
According to a politeness survey conducted by Reader's Digest,
Malaysian is ranked third-worst out of 35 cities!

President:Alright..alright..I have heard enough. WE ARE NOT SENDING

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frostier said...


sotongking said...

Wooi,u go tell the plesiden,if he dunwan send minnie or mickey over nebermind la but make he send snow white...so that i can pretend to be one of the 7 dwafts and screw her.lolz

scarxxx said...

sotong... count me in to...

Yinsi Yat said...

frostier: tat means you like mickey & minnie to cum ??

sotongking & kah Wee:
Both of you wan to be dwafts ar?? Mahai dwafts KKC so short later hor
snow white hymen tarak pecah wor. Snow White said no syiok.!! LOL

Wingz said...

kakaka ace u learnt that from the gathering one!! lol

Anonymous said...

send superman lah. he can kau tim everything.

sotongking said...

Bagus la,Snow White hymen tarak pecah. Lidat no one knows we screw her,hahaha. BTW,who cares bout her song mou,i know i song enuff lor...

rainbow angeles said...

Good liuliuliu liuliuliu8!
Uh huh, good to meet u last nite!

*looks at sotongking*
Khor lian loh...


FIFA Ace said...
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Yinsi Yat said...

Wingz: I'm a fast learner ma!!lol

AhPek: Ya lor..tat why he is called Super-man. kekekeke.

Sotongking: Wahhhhh..one sided song oni where can? Must be both side "song" ma.

Angel: Liuliuliu..nice to meet you too and welokam to my blog.

Cocka Doodle said...

Aceone...it was a pleasure meeting you. Am glad that you had fun.


nyonyapenang said...

hi, mind i drop by n komen sikit?
Aiyah! for the 4 for 4 meme i listed Disneyland JB as one of the places i mau visit before i jumpa GOD

Yinsi Yat said...

cocka: me too. thks.

nyonyapenang: Welokum to my blog!!

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