I'm sure most of you fellars have a pet for companion.
Today story is about AhBeng's pet name Sex. One day
AhBeng went to DBKL to renew his dog license.

AhBeng : I would like to have a license for Sex. How much
do I have to pay?

DBKL clerk : Oh .. I would like to have one too but we do not
issue license for sex.

AhBeng : Er..but this is a dog !!

DBKL clerk : I don't care if it is an animal or human being or
how it looks like but sir we do not issue license for sex!

AhBeng : But you don't faham la.. . I've Sex since I was 12 years

DBKL clerk : Then hor..I must have been quite a kid ler.!! Pegi lah!

When AhBeng got married with Ah Lian, they went to a honeymoon
and the couple brought the dog along with them becoz no one is taking
care of the dog. After looking for a while they found a motel and
checked it.

AhBeng : Hi, I would like to check in and I need two rooms. One for
me and my wife and a spesel room for Sex.

Motel reception : Errr...every room is in place for sex wan. We have got
all the spesel mirror for you to see your own actions wan.

AhBeng : You don't understand... Sex always keep me awake at night!!
and I can't sleep!

Motel reception : kekekeke... me too!!

While still on honeymoon, AhBeng was taking his dog for a morning walk.
Two street down the corner, AhBeng bum into a crowd at the padang. It
is a dog competition so AhBeng quickly que and want to register for the
event. While queing AhBeng dog ran away wondering else where.

Contestant: AhBeng, what are you desprately looking for?

AhBeng : MCH...I looking for Sex. I 've planned to have Sex in the contest.

Contestant : Dui..where got sex contest here!! Are you crazy??

AhBeng : But you dun understand, I really hope to have Sex on TV.!!

Contestant : Are you showing off your KKC ar?

Back home, AhBeng and Ah Lian had an argument and both of them
went to the Ketua kampong to fight for custody of the dog.

AhBeng : Ketua Kampong... I veli not happy. I wan to fight custody
for Sex ! I have Sex before I got married to Ah Lian !

Ketua Kampong : kekekeke... me too ! I have sex many times too before
I jadi ketua kampong.!!

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9 Aces:

janice said...

aiy.... lagi lagi ah beng.. lagi lagi .. ah lian ... next time u put ah jan and ah tan
ok ..??
they both get together and be jantan !

bethamy said...

hahahaha! nice one.

scarxxx said...

agree with janice... next time one ah kuku and another call ah jiao then become kukujiao la..~

some new idea for u la brother..~ hehehe..

ah nel said...

heard that b4 but still find it funny...way to go...
i think now aft read rojaks everyone post jokes

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i got arder idea 1 call ah quah and arde call ah lee together call kuali ... chun anot?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i arde idea 1 call mr quah and arde call mr lee together call kuali ... =)) chun anot?

Yinsi Yat said...

Janice, so you like that izzit? jantan. wokeh ler next time i put ler!!

Mirror, good meh? oni you say good wor.

Kaw Wee, ah kuku and ah jiao not nice ler i think Ah Ci and Ah Pet better hor.

Ah Nel..I dun post my personal stuffs in my blog ler. you dun find any.

pisang, got better wan anot? kuali tarak chun leh.!!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

this wan chun wan mr chee wan go out oledi and you wand bye bye to him wat you say? LOL

Jo said...

I thought I have stepped into Rojakz accidentally. Wei, you have had an overdose of Rojakz already. Why you blog exactly like him one???

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