One day AhBeng died and found himself in hell. As he was
wallowing in despair, he had his first meeting with demon.

Demon : why so sad AhBeng?
AhBeng : what do you think ? I'm in hell wor !!
Demon : Hell is not so bad la...we actually hor have a lot
of fun down here wan. Do you drink anot?

AhBeng : Yes, I do drink and I love to drink, why leh?
Demon : gonna love Monday then. On Monday

hor our job is DRINK oni !! Whiskey, Tequila, OhKao,
Tiger, Anchor, Singha, Heineiken ...soma ada !! We drink
till we throw out and then we minum again.!!

AhBeng : Wuahahahaha...liddat chun la.!!

Demon : Do you smoke anot??
AhBeng: You better believe it lor... 2 packets 1 hari ohh !!
Demon : Aha..then you gonna love Tuesday ! We get the
finest cigarettes from all over the world and smoke our
lungs out. If you get cancer,' no big problem. You're already
dead, remember??

AhBeng : Fuiyoh...that's cigarettes la..mahai
I bought 7 linggit for one packet. Here free...chun..veli chun..

Demon : AhBeng, I believed you gamble, right?
AhBeng: Yes, as a matter of fact i do gamble geh.
Demon : Then Wednesday is the day la. You can gamble all you
want. If you go bankrupt ledi,'re dead anyhow.!! You
into drugs anot??

AhBeng: Are you kidding me?? I love drugs."You don't mean...'"
Demon : That's right..Thursday is drugs day !! You can help
yourself to a great big bowl of crack or smack. Smoke the doobie
the size of a submarine. You can do all the drugs you want, you're
dead.., 'who cares !

AhBeng :Hmmmm..Liddat I'm starting to feel better about my
situation ledi. I never tot hell was such a cool place.!!

Demon : Are you gay?
AhBeng: "No", why?

Demon : Oooooooh, you gonna Hate friday !! becoz all newcomers will
kena fark bekside wan.!!

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14 Aces:

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

huarg ha ha ha ha ha
how ' bout saturday and sunday?
did ah beng go to church ar?

Yinsi Yat said...

Saturday & Sunday off la !!

janice said...

i dun get it...
if he is gay.. he shud like kena F888 bekside mah .. hai mai ???

Yinsi Yat said...

janice: ohh ya... didnt see that error!! sleepy liao la. Btw edited liao.

Admin said...

fark bekside oso never mind, he is dead mah. so like farking piece of dead meat lidat oni.

bethamy said...

i read this joke before ><
no offense....hehehe but i still like it~

scarxxx said...

WAH... like that also can ah... Sound like the hell in South Park leh. The Satan was gay too and his partner is Saddam.. wkakaka... btw, good one ace..

Yinsi Yat said...

AhPek, ya lor ..Ahbeng kena fark bekside oso nebermine wat. He bo feeling ledi!!

Mirror, Vanakum to my blog!! Nebermine la, old jokes is the best leh. and do drop by often bcoz blogger angel said hor why my blog bo "cha bo" wan.kekekeke...

KahWee, bro...if you sien hor cum cum we go teh tarik, wokeh anot??

bethamy said...

no problem ler. i'll visit often. believe me. often...
u very sure i'm cha bo or not..wat if i'm a guy trying to be a girl, who might sound/look like gay? ;p

Yinsi Yat said...

mirror, if you a guy trying to be a girl oso nebermine la, i presume you is a girl la. No pondan in my blog I happy ledi, becoz me tarak play septic tank wan. !!! wuahahahaha..

bethamy said...

ace: septik tank? explain pls.....i can't laugh if i don't understand right?

ah nel said...

onli bekside nia?front side kenot ar?lol...

mirror:u bring antiseptik n place near a tank then its called septik tank liaw

inevitable said...

Die, today friday woh... my boss has been checking my butt the whole day...

bethamy said...

ah nel: eh..wat u teach me about this septik tank betul kah tidak..don't simply teach o.

ace:thank you for linking me. terima kasih. *bowing, kneeling down the floor,knocking my head bump bump bump*

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