After spending a week of holidays in Malaysia this Japanese
tourist named Liamamotor decided to go back to Tokyo. He
had earlier booked a taxi from his hotel room schedule at
3.00pm and asked to be taken to KLIA.

On the Sepang Highway, a car zoomed by speeding toward
the airport. Liamamotor responded,"Huh.. look its a Toyota
Camry. Made in Japan. This car very good. Very fast !

The taxi driver Pakcik Dollah also responded ,"Ya ya..Very
fast. Not long after that, another car overtake Pakcik Dollah's
car. Liamamotor quickly responded, huh.. look its a Nissan
Cefiro. Made in Japan. This car very good. Very fast !

This time Pakcik Dollah kept quite and ignore Liamamotor.
About half a mile before reaching the airport, another car
zipped by, Liamamotor without hesitations responded, look
its a Honda Accord. Made in Japan. This car very good.Very
fast !

Pakcik Dollah being a complete 100% Malaysian and supported
Malaysian goods was starting to get a little irritated that the
Japanese made cars were overtaking his Proton Iswara, when
yet another car passed his cab right as they were turning into
the airport. Oh.. its a Mitsubishi ! Made in Japan! This car very
good. Very fast ! Responded Liamamotor.

This time round, Pakcik Dollah TU9lan already. Finally, they
arrived at the airport, Pak Dollah pointed to the meter and said,
" One Hundred Twenty Ringgit !"

One hundred twenty ringgit??? Why so much ?? Liamamotor asked.

This taxi METER ! Made In JapanPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting. VERY FAST !!

Liamamotor spoke in Japanese.. $$??Yen#@**..

Pakcik Dollah said pay up and don't play play..!! Duii !


6 Aces:

Admin said...

diu..lidat oso can.

inevitable said...

lol at ah pek

sotongking said...

cha 9 dou!!!

Yinsi Yat said...

AhPek: liddat kenot meh?

inevitable: lol at AhPek

sotongking: this story tell ppl not to be lansi !.

scarxxx said...

wahahaha... read this be4...
anyway good one dude~

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

mutsubishi? may be he mistake that is proton leh...

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