After months of negotiations and hard works by Aceone Air,
we are proud to announce that we have successfully taken
over Safesex Air in an undisclosed amount.

In my previous post of Aceone Air, my co-pilot AhPek has
been promoted to Captain and he will be flying this aircraft

Recently Captain AhPek have introduced some new ideas in
Safesex air besides the standard services we have presently.
In line with our expansion programe, we do need to recruits
more sexy ladies to fly with Captain AhPek.

Please submit your applications to Captain AhPek latest by
end of this month 31st August 2006. All applicants will be
selected by Captain Pek and must be able to start work
immediately. Minimum basic requirement SPM. Candidates
with pretty face and big boobs will have an added advantage.
Please call our toll free number stated for the address.

Whether you are a virgin or not Captain AhPek will have the
the final say. We strictly do not entertain any complaints
after the closing date. Please note that only short-listed
candidates will be notified.

Training will be provided free and the basic requirement is
you have to do this....

Upload videos at Bolt.

Thank you for flying Safesex Air a wholly owned subsidiary
of Aceone Air.

10 Aces:

nyonyapenang said...

sexual discrimination ah? sexy men oso can recruit mah.

Unknown said...

i wanna be the passenger can ah? kekeke

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

err..... how about a person got very big dick wan can accept ar?

ah nel said...

duhhh...knot watch it in ofiz...

Admin said...

and don't forget to enclose a waist-down photograph of your self. Remember, Captain Ah Pek likes less hair wan.

inevitable said...

I wonder when can we have this in MAS. I want to be part of the demo

Yinsi Yat said...

nyonyapenang; this round of recruits are for ladies ler. No sex discrimination geh. Captain Pek oni wan ladies wor!!

kenny ng; can buy ticket first.

pisang; lidat kenot ler, Captain Pek oni wan pak cham kai oni la.

ahnel; wuahh!! kena tangkap by boss dun blame9 me ar.

Captain Pek, aisey..forgot you like pak cham kai wan..soli soli..I should have put in the ads oso hor.

Inevitable; you can find it in MAS, oni Safesex air got this serbis wan.

Yinsi Yat said...

Inevitable; kenot find this in MAS geh..oni Safesex Air got this serbis wan. I'm sure Captain Pek can gip you discount when you travel with us!!

janice said...

i wan tht lady to go home with me !!!!

Yinsi Yat said...

janice; why you wan that lady to go home with you??

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