Picture 1 : There are five people in the picture
above. 1 old man botak head, 1 lady, 1 baby,
1 lady face and lastly 1 old man with hat and
white beard.

Picture 2 : 1 face and a word "LIAR"

Pisang, pic 1, your score 2/5 (Not so observance)
pic 2...woi..where got picture of a woman?

Ah Nel, pic 1, your score 3/5 (Normal observance)
pic 2... there is a word "Liar".

Ah Ben, pic 1, your score 0/5 (Very Bad observance)
pic 2...there is a word "Liar".

Kenng ng, pic 1, your score 3/5 (Normal observance)
pic 2... there is a word "Liar".

Nyonyapenang, pic 1, your score 3/5 (Normal
observance), pic 2... there is a face in the picture.

Thank you for participating!!

5 Aces:

a^ben said...

cis!!! first one i know got the stupid old man, lady and the guy with hat leh` just that pisang already posted so i din repeat leh` aiyoyoyyo!!! : X

Unknown said...

First pic was too small la, how to observe so clear? anyway I saw that quite long time ago... i really forgot the answer... kekeke.

janice said...


Optical Illusion said...

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WILL said...

there are actually 10 faces

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