If you visit 1 Utama, please pay special attention
to these farkers from Philippines. They worked in
groups of 6 to 7 peoples in pick pockets in lifts and
car parks.

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pisang goreng 115,NF said...

strange even the jaga kanot catch them ada komplot ka?

Admin said...

ya.. i seen this poster.

Jo said...

i went to 1 U this morning and only read this now. But at least I will be more alert in future. It probably won't be hard for them to move to the neighbouring shopping centres for their operations hor?

Unknown said...

1U cases non stop 1... my friend lost his car there before. They so rich to build such huge complex but yet so poor in security. That's our country business minded... money come 1st... the rest u die ur pasal.

Yinsi Yat said...

Pisang; yalor..the security there under performance kot!

AhPek; PD oso got these pictures ka?

lil'joy; whatever it careful lor.

kenny ng; har? got curi kereta cases oso kah? time must put triple lock la.

ah nel said...

we go n purposedly let them pick pocket us then we whack them kaw kaw... :)

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