Jantan encountered difficulty to take emergency leave
from his boss because his boss tarak believe him wan.
So, one day his house got flooded due to heavy rain
and he called his boss for emergency leave.

Jantan: Boss ...errr..Sayer mau mintak emergency
leave boss.

Boss : Lu jangan tipu sama gua, come kerja sekarang jugak.

Jantan: Betul boss..saya serious boss...rumah saya banjir boss.

Boss: Ehwah...manyak rumah tarak banjir...banjir lu punya
rumah pulak!!

Jantan: Nih, saya tak tipu boss...saya no choice terpaksa ambik
emergency leave jugak boss.

Boss : Lu mana duduk?

Jantan: Saya tarak duduk boss, saya tengah berdiri boss.

Boss: Now Jantan, lu jangan play play sama saya ah.

Jantan: Boss..saya tarak play play boss!!, nih..gambarnya
pun saya hantar boss...tolonglah boss! betui boss!! saya
tarak tipu boss!!..sungguh boss!!!tengok-lah gambar nih boss!!!!


10 Aces:

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

boss: tarak kira u datang jugak last time you cakap kena tsunami...

Unknown said...

wakakaka!!! great joke!

Wingz said...


bethamy said...

hahahaha!!!! maybe i can use this pic and change to my own picture and save it to my phone. then send to my boss when i need a holiday~ tq for the idea..hahahaha

ah nel said...

he dont scared kena sot kar???

Jiun Wuu said...

cannot go work,cannot take leave,but can send photo...hrm...

Yinsi Yat said...

pisang; wuah..you challenge your boss lidat wan ar?

kenny ng; tenkiu. hope you like it.

wingz; wuahahahaha..why you laughed so loud jek? afterwards you neighbour's dog cum rape9 you then you know!!

mirror; quick..quick save the pic first next time hor can get leave veli easy wan.

ah nel; kena sot takde ler but kena lightning then tarak guarantee lor!!

jiun wuu; that photo his dother sent wan la. kakakaka..

Cocka Doodle said...

Actually, he is calling 1800-phone-sex...and he is wanking under water.

Wennn said...

the joke was good laugh but the comments from all ur frens was even better!! keep it up guys and gals!!! thanks u brighten my day!!!

Yinsi Yat said...

cocka; when i received this pic i thought of that also la. hahaha;

Wendy; wuahaahahaa..wen warm welcome.!

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