Adly who is a taxpayer called up the Inland Revenue
board (LHDN) in Terengganu and asked for a form B
because he wanted to submit his borang. These are
the conversations between Adly and IRB clerk.

Adly: Halo, Selamat pagi..saya nak mintak satu borang b.
(Good morning..I would like to request for a Form B)

IRB clerk: Bolih kasi encik punya alamat ?
(Can you give me you address?)

Adly: Errr..cik ...boleh hantar ke Ranhill Worley?
(Errr..Ms... Can you send it to Ranhill Worley?

IRB clerk: Boleh..boleh..Ranhill macam mana eja?
(Can..can..How to spell Ranhill?

Adly: R for rumah...A for Ayam.. N for nagka..
H for Holland... I for itik and etc spelling..

IRB clerk: OK..OK.. nanti saya hantar ke alamat itu.
(Okay..Okay.. later I send to that address)

Adly: oh ..tenkiu..tenkiu.
(oh.thank you..thank you.)

IRB clerk: Sama sama tenkiu la.
(Same same thank you la)

After several days, the form finally arrived... and
many thanks to post office of Kuala Terengganu.
Wanna have a look on the address on the envelope


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Wuahahahahaa..lor tiu macam!!

10 Aces:

Jiun Wuu said...

KNN si pek funny la....
the letter is real 1 or not?

a^ben said...

hohohohhhoh~ forgive and forget leh` They dun have certain "lubricant" to lubricate their brains~ hoho

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i think is true mah if not how to get this letter...

nyonyapenang said...

alamak, real 'lembab' mia kerani.

ah nel said...

gabanment workers!!!

bethamy said...

hahahaha!!!! this is a real letter ah?

Unknown said...

lol... what a joke. I think it could be happend sometimes.

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

urusan seri paduka baginda go to rumah ayam?
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah a

Yinsi Yat said...

Jiun wuu, i dunno if it is real anot, recd dis from a friend. hehehe..

Ah Ben, wat type of lubricant do you have in mind?

pisang, got any dis type of letter sent to your kebun pisang anot jek?

nyonyapenang, betui!..lembab is the word.

Ah Nel, gabanment workers tu biasa la.

Mirror, wat do you think?

kenny ng, it happened oledi!! lol

Anonymous said...

i guess government servant does not deserve a salary raise main reason?

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