Lin Peh being a farmer growing vegetables finds it hard
to make money and he has too many daily expenses to cope
with. Lin Peh sat down under the tree feeling very sad and
starts to figure out how on earth to make fast money.

After spending several hours under the tree, he suddenly
came out with a brilliant idea to make money the easy way.
No more planting vegetables and plucking them to sell in
the market.

Lin Peh then proceeds to the nearby town and bought several
pigs hoping to breed them for ' ham' , 'bacon' etc. so that he can
supply it to all the supermarkets in his town. After about a
month, Lin Peh noticed that none of his pigs are getting pregnant
and decided to call his buddy fren Latok Wingz for help.

Lin Peh: Halo Latok Wingz ar...I know last time you got breed
pigs before wor. Now you kaya and become latok ledi no nit breed
pigs. Can you teach me the secret of breeding pigs anot??

Wingz: Wuahh..dis wan ar..veli susah to tell ler somemore this is
my grandfather mia secret wor. Kenot simply tell geh.

Lin Peh: We brader ma, tell me little bit nebermine wan la. I
won't tell your grandpa I promise.

Wingz: Ok la, we brader no kira wan.. wat you wanna know jek?

Lin Peh: I want to gets my pigs pregnant wor, how ar?

Wingz: Aisey..easy ma..use the artificial insemination method la.

Lin Peh: Oh..lidat ar, then how do I know my pigs are pregnant?
How to see ar?

Wingz: Aisey..veli easy to see wan.

Lin Peh: How ar?? faster tell me lar.

Wingz: lidis wan..If you see your pigs not standing around
and lay down wallow in the mud then hor they are pregnant lor.

Lin Peh: Wuahahaha..ok..ok..i know ledi. tenkiu..tenkiu.

Lin Peh quickly hangs up and gives this some thoughts. He comes
to the conclusion that artificial insemination means that he has to
inpregnate the pigs. So Lin Peh fast fast load his pigs on to his truck,
drives them into the wood..had sex with them all, brings them back
and goes to bed.

Next morning, Lin Peh wakes up and looks out at the pigs. Seeing
that they are still standing around he thought that the 1st try didn't
worked out. He loads them in the truck again and drives them out in
the woods bang each pig twice for good measure, this time kaw kaw
wan brings them back and goes to bed.

Next morning, lin peh wakes up and find the pigs still standing around.
One more try, lin peh tells to himself and proceeds to load the pigs up
and drives them out to the woods. He spent all day shagging the pigs
and upon returning home he falls listlessly in to bed.

The next morning, lin peh kenot even raise himself from the bed to look
at the pigs. He ask his wife to look out and tell him if the pigs are standing
or laying in the mud. Then Lin Peh's wife quickly rush out and have a look.

Lin Peh's wife came back and said....

my dear lou kung...all the pigs are in the truck and one of them is
honking the 'Honk' asking for you to bring them into the forest
wor !!!!!!


12 Aces:

Lin Peh said...

Ni Na Bu eh ! Liddat oso can ? U no sked Lin Peh sue 9 you ah ? LOL!!!!!!

Admin said...

ta ma de! u bin tai lou!

ah nel said...

linpeh :pig oso u dowan let go...currently piao mei xpensib isit???lol

frostier said...

u should start put disclaimer.

Wingz said...

hahaha ace u die la!!! today linpeh cow one .. u sommo char 9 him lidis!!! lollol!!!

Unknown said...

wakakakaka!!! good one brader!

Yinsi Yat said...

Lin Peh; wuahahaha..Happy Bird day to you. Lin Peh ' man sui'!!!!

AhPek; shuuuu!!

Ahnel; wa, now piao mei in kch expensib ar?

Frostier; i thinking ledi leh wanna put anot.

Wingz; wa, gathering at cheras leisure mall.The shark ka? Got order one piao mei for brader lin peh anot?

Kenny ng; Tank Q.

ah nel said...

duno ler nvr been their customer o wanted

rainbow angeles said...


Yinsi Yat said...

ah nel, cum cum i take you go. 1st time izzit? lidat got spesel discount wan.

angel; why pengsan jek?

ah nel said...

no tenk diskoun oso

she pengsan coz got sexicited... ;P

Yinsi Yat said...

Ahnel; wuahahaha..

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