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A new event in the making. I didn't know that there are such an
event existed. This event is called 'Power Lifting of your KKC'.
The scene and atmosphere is something like in the olympic. In
this trojan games, it takes three white lights to qualify and red lights
means you fail. The judges decision are final. In this event, it requires
a pair to perform this lifting.

A ladies and a gentlement. At the moment, the trojan games record
holder is from Ukraine. They are Mr Mosienko and Ms Bubka. They
both hold the gold medal in the 65kg category.

Before taking part in this event, you have to have proper training. In
order to make your kkc stronger, you have to service it first. You can
do it locally or in thai cock. Remember the 'teh lam pah' method? and
also I got read before in my brader's blog that he train differently. He
prefer to hang a metal heavy bell on to the kkc.

If any one of you want to take part in this event, I recomments you to
enroll first in Lin-Cocka-Wingz University College of Creative Yamade.
They hold a dynamic records of some 40 years of successful experience.

They are specialist in , the ‘Wheelbarrow stunt’, ‘The Cartwheel frolick’,
'The Helicopter Twirl' and this latest stunt has undisputedly gained fame
as the hallmark courses of their reputable international university-
the Lin-Cocka-Wingz College University of Creative Yamade.

At the moment, this university is in the mist of selecting the right candidate
for the next trojan games. If got gold, perhaps you will have the privilege
to take part in the coming 2008 Olympic games held in China. Here is the
contact again 1-800- YAMADE or speaks to their education consultants.

Upload videos at Bolt.

9 Aces:

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

wah power man.....
in ppls eat tongkat ali oso kanot get that power!!!!

Unknown said...

wahahaha... this one i saw many years ago lor... i remember got another one gymnastic style one, the gal did acrobatic jump then sit down right on target on a man's KKC... kekekeke.

a^ben said...

ai si` got such thing meh??!?! cham si` hahhhahahah

inevitable said...

Lin Cocka Wingz... Kakakakaka

Admin said...

since you soo damn 9 free, Ah Pek has put a tag on you in his old blog

janice said...

how come kenot see his kkc wan ??? mayb the gurl is hang by wyre... ler.. tipu mia

Yinsi Yat said...

Pisang; betui la..tongkat ali pun kalah la. lol

kenny ng; wuahahah..old jokes never dies, yes that gymnastic wan lagi chun!!

ahben, you go perform la, we sapot you.register lin-cocka-wingz uni. i pay takpe ler.

inevitable; you wan to take part anot jek??

ahPek, ok pek, got time i do the tag fast fast.

janice; got hang wire anot then you go participate with ahben lor. wan anot jek??

ah nel said...

actuali i saw tis vileo long time d but duno its true o not mia ler???

Yinsi Yat said...

ahnel; true anot you tolong sampaikan bolih?

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