Once upon a time, Laundryamah got an urgent meeting in
Shah Alam. The meeting is very important to her because
this is her value client la. She is late for the meeting ledi so

she pakai the NKVE hoping to reach her
destination on time. Laundryamah looked left and right to
see if there are any police officer around. All cleared, then
apa lagi she oso tekan the pedal la. Speeding at 150 kph,
aiyoyo..the tyres oso looked like kenot reached the road
surface liddat loh!!.

Not long before reaching the toll plaza, one traffic police officer who
is hiding behind the overhead bridge pillar gave chase. He flag down
our leng lui laundryamah to pull over.

Laundryamah : Is there a problem Officer?

Traffic officer : Ma' am you were speeding.

Laundryamah : Got meh? Where got? Is there a mistake officer?

Traffic officer : Can I see your licence please?

Laundryamah : I'll give it to you, but I dun have one, officer !!

Traffic Officer : Apa?? Don't have a license??

Laundryamah : I lost it 4 years ago for drunk driving, they cut
all my demerit points ledi and banned my license!!

Traffic officer: I see, then can I see you vehicle registration papers

Laundryamah : Kenot wor, I can't do that!!

Traffic officer : Why not??

Laundryamah : I stole this car officer!

Traffic officer: Apa?? you stole this car??

Laundryamah : Yes, and I killed and hacked up the owner!!

Traffic Officer: Apa?? you killed the owner of this vehicle??

Laundryamah : Dia mia body parts suma ada in the plastic bags
behind the truck if you mahu tengok.

At this time, the officer looked at Laundryamah and slowly
backs away to his motorcycle and call for back-up. Within minutes,
the patrol cars arrived. A senior officer slowly approaches
Laundryamah's car clasping his half drawn pistol.

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Senior officer: Ma'am, can you step out of your vehicles please!
(Slowly..laundryamah stepped out of her car.)

Laundryamah : Is there a problem Sir??

Senior officer: My officer told me that you have stolen this car and
murdered the owner!! Is that right?

Laundryamah : Murdered the owner,Sir?? Wat toking you??

Senior officer: Yes, could you please open the trunk of your car please?

(Slowly and steadily Laundryamah opens the trunk, revealing nothing
but an empty trunk.)

Senior officer: Is this your car ma'am??

Laundryamah : Yes sir, here are the registration papers.
(The traffic officer were quite stunned ledi at this time)

Senior officer: My officer claimed that you do not have a driving licence.
(Laundryamah digs into her handbag and pulls out a clutch purse and
hand the license to the senior officer. He examined the license and at
the same time he angrily looked at the traffic police officer!!

Senior officer: Thank you ma'am, my officer told me that you stole this
car and murdered the owner and you do not have a license!!!

Laundryamah : I BET THAT OFFICER told you i was SPEEDING
too right??

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Senior officer: I'm sorry for the misunderstanding ma'am. You
may go now. Laundryamah quickly grabbed her belongings
and jumped into her car!! ZoooooM .. she drove off ledi!!!

Don't mess with LAUNDRYAMAH !!!! dun play
play with Laundryamah ohhhh..

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Sorry to all my friends and visitors, didn't update blog recently.
Last week, I'm sick and moreover my PC window corrupted ledi.
I reformated it yesterday and got it working. I
updated la, tho it is a short one.

This story is about Ah Nel. He and his uncle went out for
a drinking session at the local pub and at the same time
hunting down some cun 'piao mei' along their way. Both
of them drank until blur blur lidat and went home together-
gether. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The next morning, his uncle have an early appointment at the
office and drove Ah Nel's car out. When AhNel woke up, he
found his car missing. Panicked lidat, he quickly put on his shirt
and short and head to the station to make a police report without
realising that he is wearing his brother mia yapunese slippers.

On the way to the bus stop, he bought himself a bottle of mineral
water, a packet of 'kacang' and the Star newspaper. He went to sit
down on the bench to wait for the bus. While he was waiting, came
an indian man sat next to him. And you know what?? That indian
man (Muthu) started eating Ah Nel's mia 'kacang'!!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well, he was rather annoyed about this indian man but wasn't sure
if he should say anything to him yet. When Muthu continued his
daring behaviour AhNel then started to get really irritated and
decided to eat the 'kacang' as well. AhNel ate one, Muthu looked
at him and said some indian words 'dei!! Muthu ate two 'kacang'.
AhNel then tu9lan ledi and he quickly ate three 'kacang'. This time
Muthu stared at him and again said some indian words la...pohdah!!

Both like want to show their muscle ledi!!! and then they reached
the last 'kacang'. Before AhNel could grab it, Muthu quickly ate it,
picked up the empty packet threw it into the 'tong sampah' and
walked away. Before walking away, Muthu cursed at the cinapek
f@&k said some indian words again la.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

At this point, the bus finally arrived. AhNel quickly picked up his
bottle of minaral water and newspaper and.... there, lying
underneath was the packet of 'kacang' AhNel bought earlier!!

This time pulak, AhNel said something in chinese... 'hailat la, I
had been eating the man's 'kacang' all along!!!!!!!!

Wuahahahahaahaha!!! Image Hosted by


This poor bird happens to be at the wrong place and at the
wrong time. I could not believe it when i saw this video.
This bird was killed instantly during a baseball game.
This will happen 1 in a million. Although I do not know what
is the commentator is talking about but i do know the bird
is dead.

I have been buying Magnum 4D empat ekor for many years
already, still have not strike it rich to date. Isn't it like the
video i must buy my ticket at the right place and right time?

If like that then all alot of people no need to work ledi la, hor!
Hehehe..give me a chance to dream can anot? What I need is a strike it !!!! or perhaps must go to her blog rub rub
to get some luck. *wink* *wink*

Upload videos at Bolt.


When you walk into a cinema washroom, you'll sure see this sign.
This is from Cathay Cineplex Damansara Perdana. Most of the
bowls have a frog/bull target for you to shoot straight. Aim straight
at the frog mouth or bull head you are right on target. The mens
have an advantage here because we have the priviledge to hold
our KKC and shoot straight. Buthen what about the womens?

Do they know how to shoot or shoot blindly? After they "wee wee",
they just wipe and go!!

I wonder how the ladies washroom look like. I presume it must be
the same. Maybe when they squat and shoot, there is a lychee
target for them to shoot straight too. The disadvantage is they have
nothing to hold wor!! so they just shoot blindly lor!!

Calling all sharp shooters, Snipers and Wankers them how
to shoot the frog mouth, bull head and lychees target properly! LOL


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A FISHY STORY Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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One evening when Kenny was jogging alongside a lake,
he saw a basketball bouncing in the water. At first glance,
he thought it was the under-current. After several rounds
of jog, he still see the ball bouncing in the water. He then
stop and to investigate.

To his surprise, it turned out to be a flathead catfish who
had obviously tried to swallow a child's basketball which
became stuck in it mouth.

The poor catfish was totally exhuasted for trying to dive deep
underwater, but unable to because the ball would always
bring him back up to the surface. Kenny tried numerous times
to bring the ball out but failed.

So he decided to scoop the catfish and puncture the ball in order
to deflate the air in the ball to release the hungry catfish.

Finally, the basketball is out of the fish mouth. You probably won't
believe this if you had not seen these pictures.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
End of this boring story!! hehehe..
TanK Q for reading!!


This is a touching story about birds. Do they think as
we human do. Do they have brains too?Watch their

It started with a gloomy afternoon when a flock of birds
spending great time singing, dancing and searching for
foods. It was their daily routine to go out together as a
family. Mama bird saw a fine piece of meat which was
left over on the road. She quickly flew over to get that
piece of meat for her little birds to eat when suddenly
a big truck speed through killing the bird instantly.

Papa bird instructed the little ones to stay on top of the
trees and imediately flew over to help her. Birds are rich
in feelings too, just like a family member unable to accept
the truth that someone is dead.

Not long after that, another car storm passed the empty
road causing the dead bird's body to whirl with the wind.
Papa bird notice there is a movement tough as she is still
alive. He quickly flew beside her again.

He stayed beside her and yelled ....why aren't you getting
up!! again , again and again repeatedly.

He stood there looking at her without blinking her eyes.
Wake up my dear...but unfortunately she no longer able
to hear his call.

Papa bird looked back and saw another vehicle coming
at a great speed. He flew up to the tree to take cover.
He said to himself...I must do something to bring her

Papa bird flew down to the road again and this time he
tried to lift her up. The bird and the little ones on top
of the trees were of course was unable to bear the burden...
kept flocking their wings one time after another.

He had used all his energy to do whatever he can. In
the end there were no respond. It will be dark soon,
he and the little ones refused to leave. After much
persuasion and talking...all the birds are seen flying
away from their mother into the dark back to their

AHBENG'S CAR KENA BLACKLISTED sien today. Thought of telling a short story la.

One sunny afternoon AhBen went to AhBeng's house
to practise his music. Upon reaching his house, he saw
AhBeng very busy washing his car. Before this, AhBeng
do not own a car, so AhBen was quite surprised.

AhBen: wah! AhBeng, nice car wor when you got this car?

AhBeng: I bought it from one used car dealer. He gip me
good discount, so I quick quick put deposit lor.

AhBen: whats the damaged ?

AhBeng: Veli cheap oni la, that day got merdeka sales ma,
so i go order lor. RM8,000 nia. Today all the documentations
kautim ledi so i paid the balance to pick up the car, Cheap

AhBen: wuah! cheap wor.!!

AhBeng: Actually hor, dis car I veli like it bcos its antic ledi.
Not many you can see it on the road.

AhBen: Yalor, this car quite antic already.

AhBeng: hehehe..dun worry ahben, i'll sure take you go
rounding kau lenglui wan. You fast fast help me polish
the car la so that we can go kau-lenglui.

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AhBen: wokeh, can can...errrrr..Ahbeng, whats this stickers for?

AhBeng: oh! dis stickers german mali wan. I spesel order leh.
Here in Maraysia kenot get ler..veli expensip sumore. I wan to
stick it afterwards la.

AhBen: wah, stick this type of stickers can get saman anot?

AhBeng: Tarak saman wan, this wan sticker oni nia.

AhBen: ohhh..nice la. AhBeng can order for me anot?

AhBeng: Can la..we brader no kira geh.

After about an hour or so, both of them finished washing,
polishing and sticking up the stickers they are ready to
go for a ride. AhBeng was driving and they are heading
towards the Curve, Damansara to kau-lengliu.

After paying toll, suddenly AhBeng heard a siren from
behind. It was a patrol car. The officer indicates ahbeng
to stop. AhBeng got down and speaks to the officers.
About half an hour lidat still cannot settled. At last,
AhBeng's car was towed to the police station.

-Last last AhBeng's car kena black-listed.
- AhBeng's car now at the police station garage!!


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Chun anot AhBeng 's car??


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Which of the following birds below most fit to your character?


Date of Birth : 21 Jan - 17 Feb

Characteristics : A cool exterior disguises a fiery temper and is very
opinionated - although those opinions are not always shares by
everyone. They are proud and particularly home-loving and they
have a tendency to be quarrelsome.


Date of Birth : 18 Feb - 17 March

Characteristics : Goldfinch people are colorful characters who are
sensitive and always alert. They are gregarious by nature and love
being in groups of people, which offers them security. They need to
find an outlet for their imaginative abilities or they are sometime be
in danger of becoming nervous and irritable.


Date of Birth : 18 March - 14 April

Characteristics : A powerful individual which display courage and
a sometime ruthless determination. Avoids problematical obstacles
with skill, although must be fully targeted so as not to waste energy
in fruitless chases for the impossible.


Date of Birth : 15 April - 12 May

Characteristics : Has a tendency to have a mind that wanders, but when
in search of a particular goal, will travel great lengths to achieve it.
Occasionally, the Albatross may become caught up in things it shouldn't
when not seeing clearly enough.


Date of Birth : 13 May - 9 June

Characteristics : Peace loving by nature. Doves will bill and coo about
thing close to their heart. They enjoy a fullfilling love-life and rarely fail
to satisfy. They are also patient, adaptable and personable. Their lack of
aggression sometimes makes them the victim of more predatory characters.


Date of Birth : 10 June - 7 July

Characteristics : A well recpected figure which have excellent visionary
qualities. Eagle will truck no nonsense and fix opponents with a powerful
stare. They have the power to rise above the trivial aspect of humanity
and are highly talented.


Date of Birth : 8 July - 4 August

Characteristics : More often heard before being seen, Nightingales
always have something to say for themselves. They are however very
much in tune with their partners. Their unimpressive exterior hides a
personality that is just waiting to burst out.


Date of Birth : 5 August - 1 Sept

Characteristics : Another flamboyant and colourful character that is
always exciting to encounter. They rush around at great speed and
have a close spiritual affinity with water. They have a sharp and
perceptive head on them, but can make them impetuous enough to
dive in where others would fear to go.


Date of Birth : 2 Sept - 29 Sept

Characteristics : The Swan is a complex character. While appearing on the
surface as a calm and relaxed individual, underneath they are working hard
to keep up with the pace of modern life. If provoked their natural graceful
demeanor can give way to a violent temper which put them in a flap. They
are definitely someone to have on your side.


Date of Birth : 30 Sept - 27 Oct

Characteristics : A tough and hard working character with plenty of stamina.
Has no problem drumming up support for their ideas, no matter how wacky
they seem. With a lateral thinking mind they are skilled at dissecting problems
and seeing the wood for the trees. However, with their noisy and exuberant
lifestyle you might not want to have one as a neighbor.


Date of Birth : 28 Oct - 24 Nov

Characteristics : A sharp brain helps Kestrel people hover from one subject
to another without losing concentration. They focus on their life's gold with
a single minded focus not flustered by what is going on around them. A
confidence in their own ability helps them to soar to heights other may only
dream of.


Date of Birth : 25 Nov - 23 Dec

Characteristics : Always impressive, Raven peoples are tower of strength.
They are more intelligent than their peers and are adapt problem solvers.
They enjoy challenges are stimulated by wild and exposed places.


Date of Birth : 24 Dec - 20 Jan

Characteristics : Heron people are deceptive. Although they may be solitary
individuals for much of the time, they nevertheless have a need to settle in
busy communities where they know everyone else. They may get bogged down
as they wade the course of life, but have broad enough shoulders to cope with
weightly issues. But their insecure nature often leads them to fish for compliments.

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