When you walk into a cinema washroom, you'll sure see this sign.
This is from Cathay Cineplex Damansara Perdana. Most of the
bowls have a frog/bull target for you to shoot straight. Aim straight
at the frog mouth or bull head you are right on target. The mens
have an advantage here because we have the priviledge to hold
our KKC and shoot straight. Buthen what about the womens?

Do they know how to shoot or shoot blindly? After they "wee wee",
they just wipe and go!!

I wonder how the ladies washroom look like. I presume it must be
the same. Maybe when they squat and shoot, there is a lychee
target for them to shoot straight too. The disadvantage is they have
nothing to hold wor!! so they just shoot blindly lor!!

Calling all sharp shooters, Snipers and Wankers them how
to shoot the frog mouth, bull head and lychees target properly! LOL

17 Aces:

abc said...

where is the frog mouth/bull head pic?

Unknown said...

LOL... shoot the bull! or the frog will ask u 'shoot me'. I'm a sharp shooting too :D

Anonymous said...

i do care. i simply shoot wan.

inevitable said...

Men - sniper. One single target
Women - shotgun. They spray at everything... haha

ah nel said...

shoot in the sink count kar??? LOL

Las montaƱas said...

sometimes very hard to control.. so just shoot everywhere lor.

Yinsi Yat said...

[niki], you didn't see it in the ladies washroom meh?

[kenny ng], hahaha, go to nikko hotel public toilet you'll find 'shoot me'

[AhPek], simply shoot and shoot blindly ka? kenot lidat wan geh.

[inevitable], hehehe..agreed!!

[AhNel], shoot in sink? you didn't go to skool ka? Teacher never teach you wan meh?

[las montanas], so did got hold yr guns anot? simply shoot oso must shoot straight wan wor!!

Wingz said...

wuah dat farker kencing no nid to hold wan ka? too short izzit? nothing to hold! KAKAKAKA!!!

Yinsi Yat said...
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Yinsi Yat said...

[Wingz], terra anot? he is a sharp shooter gua.

pisang said...

keng woh!.......
if kena bullseye can get free ticket kar?

frycrab said...

dotz! let me leave a comment here.hahaha...cibai...say my photo ah beng!u ah lan!kakakkaa

ah nel said...

skool nvr teach ler...which skool teach how to pee mia???tel me i wana go tat skool n make sure the teacher a cun gal... ;)

Anonymous said...

wah cool idea must get one for my toilet so my son can aim properly! wat dat one u...we girls vely vely clever one ah..u think like u guys so char one meh, luin gum shoot!

Yinsi Yat said...

[pisang], diswan you got to ask cathay cineplex ler.

[frycrab],skool boy kenot say bad words wan la. I see yr foto like you graduate from yamade unibersiti leh!! lol

[ahnel], disciplinary teacher teach la.

[laundryamah], ya..get one for your boys. Chun idea hor.

bethamy said...

that's y girl when to toilet very's harder sometimes when u need to aim correctly without kena everywhere..

Yinsi Yat said...

[mirror], iizzit? i know.

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