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One evening when Kenny was jogging alongside a lake,
he saw a basketball bouncing in the water. At first glance,
he thought it was the under-current. After several rounds
of jog, he still see the ball bouncing in the water. He then
stop and to investigate.

To his surprise, it turned out to be a flathead catfish who
had obviously tried to swallow a child's basketball which
became stuck in it mouth.

The poor catfish was totally exhuasted for trying to dive deep
underwater, but unable to because the ball would always
bring him back up to the surface. Kenny tried numerous times
to bring the ball out but failed.

So he decided to scoop the catfish and puncture the ball in order
to deflate the air in the ball to release the hungry catfish.

Finally, the basketball is out of the fish mouth. You probably won't
believe this if you had not seen these pictures.

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End of this boring story!! hehehe..
TanK Q for reading!!

22 Aces:

Unknown said...

eh eh... who is that Kenny? Not me kua... That catfish damn big man!

abc said...

waaaa big fish -_-"

Weird Dan said...

I see a big fish with a big mouth.
Actually this AceOne wants to tell us that don't swallow something bigger than you should. If not become like him WHAHAHA

YBrat said...

LOL..I like daniel comment more..

nyonyapenang said...

ya, daniel, don't bite off more than you can chew. ;)

ah nel said...

i saw tis b4 long time d...stil got sumore pic ler...u din upload it all??? ;)

Yinsi Yat said...

[Kenny], looks like that catfish is around 6-7 kg man.

[niki], You wan to eat anot? I belanja you.

[danielctw], I never said that wor!!

[Youngbrat}, lols

[nyonyapenang], can make nyonya curry fish head ledi, wakakaka.

[Ahnel], yeah, you are right. Still got more pics wan..but..but..blogger's uploading pic damn slow la so I tu9lan ledi.Wakakaka..

pisang said...

i think that catfish got psikologi problem lar....
he thinks he is a dog try to fetch the ball

Yinsi Yat said...

[pisang], that catfish most probably is hungry la.

janice said...

yeah lor.. the catfish is hungry actually... poor fish !!

Wennn said...

Wah liao, I like pisang's comment!! The catfish thinks itself is doggie la!! kakakakakkakaka....... way to go man pisang!!!

Anonymous said...

what? never take catfish home meh? cok curry see beh nice leh!

Anonymous said...

hey in all my late father's years of deep sea fishing also never encountered this leh! i caught a catfish before and dad cut the line and said lauya fish let go! hahaha...hey thanks for sharing to me how to do the profile pic!

Sasha Tan said...

Hehe the catfish must be damn tired with the ball stuck at the mouth!

Las montaƱas said...

wah! tapah!! too big to be the normal walking catfish (Clarias)

bethamy said...

wah!!!!!!!!!! catfish HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yinsi Yat said...

[Janice}, wanna go fishing wif me anot?

[Wen}, I come England, you cook curry fish head ar?? I can test wine oso.!!

[AhPek], cok liao ler!

[Laundryamah], catfish nice leh. lauya fish meh? I dunno wor.

Yinsi Yat said...

[sasha], you tired la, have you tried fishing b4? Very exciting wan leh.

[las montanas], hehehe..cum..cum..we go fishing wan anot?

[mirror], when you wan come KL jek? we go curry fish head leh.

Wennn said...

Ace: no problem U cum I cook for U la providing U hv to bring the fish head!!!!

janice said...

fishing.. not a bad idea... where do u fish ???

bethamy said...

aiz..asam fish head la

Yinsi Yat said...

[wenn], ok har, you wait for me.

[janicepa], we go klang fishing chun anot?

[mirror], asam fish oso chun la.

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