Once upon a time, Laundryamah got an urgent meeting in
Shah Alam. The meeting is very important to her because
this is her value client la. She is late for the meeting ledi so

she pakai the NKVE hoping to reach her
destination on time. Laundryamah looked left and right to
see if there are any police officer around. All cleared, then
apa lagi she oso tekan the pedal la. Speeding at 150 kph,
aiyoyo..the tyres oso looked like kenot reached the road
surface liddat loh!!.

Not long before reaching the toll plaza, one traffic police officer who
is hiding behind the overhead bridge pillar gave chase. He flag down
our leng lui laundryamah to pull over.

Laundryamah : Is there a problem Officer?

Traffic officer : Ma' am you were speeding.

Laundryamah : Got meh? Where got? Is there a mistake officer?

Traffic officer : Can I see your licence please?

Laundryamah : I'll give it to you, but I dun have one, officer !!

Traffic Officer : Apa?? Don't have a license??

Laundryamah : I lost it 4 years ago for drunk driving, they cut
all my demerit points ledi and banned my license!!

Traffic officer: I see, then can I see you vehicle registration papers

Laundryamah : Kenot wor, I can't do that!!

Traffic officer : Why not??

Laundryamah : I stole this car officer!

Traffic officer: Apa?? you stole this car??

Laundryamah : Yes, and I killed and hacked up the owner!!

Traffic Officer: Apa?? you killed the owner of this vehicle??

Laundryamah : Dia mia body parts suma ada in the plastic bags
behind the truck if you mahu tengok.

At this time, the officer looked at Laundryamah and slowly
backs away to his motorcycle and call for back-up. Within minutes,
the patrol cars arrived. A senior officer slowly approaches
Laundryamah's car clasping his half drawn pistol.

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Senior officer: Ma'am, can you step out of your vehicles please!
(Slowly..laundryamah stepped out of her car.)

Laundryamah : Is there a problem Sir??

Senior officer: My officer told me that you have stolen this car and
murdered the owner!! Is that right?

Laundryamah : Murdered the owner,Sir?? Wat toking you??

Senior officer: Yes, could you please open the trunk of your car please?

(Slowly and steadily Laundryamah opens the trunk, revealing nothing
but an empty trunk.)

Senior officer: Is this your car ma'am??

Laundryamah : Yes sir, here are the registration papers.
(The traffic officer were quite stunned ledi at this time)

Senior officer: My officer claimed that you do not have a driving licence.
(Laundryamah digs into her handbag and pulls out a clutch purse and
hand the license to the senior officer. He examined the license and at
the same time he angrily looked at the traffic police officer!!

Senior officer: Thank you ma'am, my officer told me that you stole this
car and murdered the owner and you do not have a license!!!

Laundryamah : I BET THAT OFFICER told you i was SPEEDING
too right??

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Senior officer: I'm sorry for the misunderstanding ma'am. You
may go now. Laundryamah quickly grabbed her belongings
and jumped into her car!! ZoooooM .. she drove off ledi!!!

Don't mess with LAUNDRYAMAH !!!! dun play
play with Laundryamah ohhhh..

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19 Aces:

Wingz said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Laundryamah POWRER!!!!

pisang said...

really can work meh this trick?
later that officer kasi 'BANG'
baru tahu....

CrazyGrr| said...

LOL!! this ah mah so keng, so cleber!!

Anonymous said...

ayoooooooooo! where can? me not so terrer wan ma...actually hor..we women tend to be able to get off samans easier than men..hehehe...we got manyak manyak tricks one...

janice said...

this is a good one !! Cool ! LOL ..

Sasha Tan said...

This is a good one! Laundryamah.. i didn't know u're soo good at this!

ah nel said...

don play play with amah... ;)

Yinsi Yat said...

[Wingz], laundryamah powerrrr leh!!!

[pisang], you not laundryamah, how you know kenot work?

[crazygrrl],this amah veli 'keng' wan, dun play play wif her!!

[laundryamah], wuah, you manyak tricks ar? can teach me some tricks anot?

[janicepa], good leh..tank Q

[sasha], you can ask laundryamah to teach you some tricks for avoiding traffic samans ler. cun anot?

[ahnel], you mess wif her hor, sure kena kao kao wan!!!

inevitable said...

Like the saying goes, the older, the spicier... hehehe

Yinsi Yat said...

[inevitable], agreed wif ya!!

frostier said...

Niamah betul la.
but u kenot apply kat msia. polis tembak kau je

Unknown said...

LOL... good story! Laundryamah really so keng ah?

Las montaƱas said...

WAH!! so funny man! got any more amah tricks? keep posting them please!

nyonyapenang said...

that's why jangan main-main sama laundryamah. kena cuci bersih sampai kilat dan bersinar! dis wan called the 'powerwash'. :O

Yinsi Yat said...

[frostier], itu mia stori aje!!

[Kenny Ng], 'keng' leh!!!

[las montanas], ok, if got sure i post wan. wakakaka.

[nyonyapenang], kakaka..your koment made me laughed la, "Powerwash"!!! cun cun.

frycrab said...

hahaha...the lou yeh women sohai like u!
good 1!kekekekeke
mou tiu...deserve a xxx clip

Yinsi Yat said...

[frycrab], sei mess wif laundryamah ar? you sure kena kao kao wan.

backStreetGluttons said...

how 2 get in touch with this amah, i want 2 bring her to disco .

Yinsi Yat said...

[tonixe], can go to her blog la. sure anot you wan to bring her to disco? Later you dance until drop ledi amah mau more you can kau tim anot?

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