This is a touching story about birds. Do they think as
we human do. Do they have brains too?Watch their

It started with a gloomy afternoon when a flock of birds
spending great time singing, dancing and searching for
foods. It was their daily routine to go out together as a
family. Mama bird saw a fine piece of meat which was
left over on the road. She quickly flew over to get that
piece of meat for her little birds to eat when suddenly
a big truck speed through killing the bird instantly.

Papa bird instructed the little ones to stay on top of the
trees and imediately flew over to help her. Birds are rich
in feelings too, just like a family member unable to accept
the truth that someone is dead.

Not long after that, another car storm passed the empty
road causing the dead bird's body to whirl with the wind.
Papa bird notice there is a movement tough as she is still
alive. He quickly flew beside her again.

He stayed beside her and yelled ....why aren't you getting
up!! again , again and again repeatedly.

He stood there looking at her without blinking her eyes.
Wake up my dear...but unfortunately she no longer able
to hear his call.

Papa bird looked back and saw another vehicle coming
at a great speed. He flew up to the tree to take cover.
He said to himself...I must do something to bring her

Papa bird flew down to the road again and this time he
tried to lift her up. The bird and the little ones on top
of the trees were of course was unable to bear the burden...
kept flocking their wings one time after another.

He had used all his energy to do whatever he can. In
the end there were no respond. It will be dark soon,
he and the little ones refused to leave. After much
persuasion and talking...all the birds are seen flying
away from their mother into the dark back to their

30 Aces:

pisang said...

last time swallow make inside my house rooft
but they fall down 1 day and both of them die
their parents watch them until they motionless then they flew away knowing they die oledi.

CrazyGrr| said...

*sniff sniff* I am so touched..

Wennn said...

wah so touching worrrr.... even birdies has feelings like us la!! Poor mama bird!!

Anonymous said...

why you never go pick up and make kentucky fried birds? hahahaaaa

Jason Leingod said...

all animals also have feelings ma, so we should not hurt them or we r like hurting another human being too... >.<

ah nel said...

wuahhh...damn touching...

u no more tok kok but tok jiao ledi ho???

Las montaƱas said...

There is still some feelings left in this world.......

Yinsi Yat said...

[pisang], how sad..did you buried it?

[crazygrrl], wuah!! got new leng lui came here wor!! warm welocum. I'm so touched.

[wen], yalor..touching leh!!

[AhPek],I go fry you wan anot?? kentucky fried bird.

[ichitaka], tenkiu and warm welocum bro.!!

[Ahnel], who said i no more tok kok? taking a break oni nia!! lols

[las montanas], i agreed wif ya.

Unknown said...

Really touching story, imagine u lost ur love one. I saw this kind of incident before and it makes me no mood for few days. Not only bird got this feeling, most of the animal does. Last time my backlane got a kitten killed by a car too, the mother cat was beside it whole nite and looks like crying, I really cried when look at it, I burried the kitten on next day morning.

Yinsi Yat said...

[kenny ng], oso hv this kind of experience ar?

janice said...

touching ka ?? i dun even understand the story lah ...

Anonymous said...



Jo said...

I enjoyed reading this. Even an animal can feel.

Yinsi Yat said...

[Janicepa], which part u dun understand? Tak-kan lembab sangat!!

[sasha], warm welocum!!

Yinsi Yat said...

[lil' joy], thank Q you veli much!!
How are you??

nyonyapenang said...

kesian betul, cerita ini.

a^ben said...

waisehman!!!! aahhaahahhahaha acey post this kinda touching stoli` hahahah

Yinsi Yat said...

[nyonyapenang], memang kesian hor..ada menangis ke?

[ahben], waisehman..apa maciam??chun anot jek?

Jo said...

I am fine thank you. How are you? :)

Yinsi Yat said...

I'm fine too lil'joy. thks.

Weird Dan said... sad the birdie no more mama..
But then this is life. Even humans do
*what the crap am I saying*

Flowsnow said...

I must add comment since u changed your picture - u look so `ugly'.kekekkeke.....try to brush your teeth more regularly I can see some decay! Post something la!

Yinsi Yat said...

[flowsnow], wakakaka..that is not tooth decay ler. I 'm wearing braces la. kekeke..Tank Q for visiting me.

Yinsi Yat said...

[danielctw], what say you??

pearly said...

very sad la , after reading this I am so glad derek janice had flew aways not have bad thign happen to her , is good to have freedon , sometime I look at wendy inthe cage I feel so sad for her , I told derek is so bad to keep the bird in the cage but how ler if you let it go there may be have not food and die too .
well animal is not cold blood sometime human is more cold blood then animal . wat you say ???

Yinsi Yat said...

[pearly], welcome here. Birds are suppose to be free flying & singing. Wat if next time i recarnation & become a bird, me too wanna be FREE and not lock in the cage. Liddat it is staying in the jail. Correct anot?

Elvee Kaye said...

Poor little birds. :o( One time, in the woods, I came across a dead female mallard duck. I think it had been killed by a dog. The male was up in the tree, too scared to come down, but unwilling to leave his mate. I felt sorry for him.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful photographs, too. I was researching whether birds process information, since they are so highly sensitive and many can learn to trust people and mimic things. Well, my heart responded to this. I won't forget it. Thank you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful photographs, too. I was researching whether birds process information, since they are so highly sensitive and many can learn to trust people and mimic things. Well, my heart responded to this. I won't forget it. Thank you. :-)

Anonymous said...

This story is so much like one I witnessed. I was driving down a two lane road and looking ahead I saw two birds sitting on the opposite lane. A car I was about to pass was also nearing the two birds and it looked like they might not fly off before the car would pass over them. I looked in my side mirror after passing them and I was amazed the two birds did not fly away and the other car must have passed over them. Looking through my mirror and at nearly 500 feet I sensed something was wrong; why would they not fly off, something didn't look right with one of them, maybe it had been hit by a car? Being the nature love I am, I turned my truck around and drove up to the birds. There wasn't much traffic on this road so I parked on the road and put my flashers on. Indeed one of the birds had been hit and was certainly dead. The other bird even though not injured, would not fly away. I walked up on them and could see this bird was in total distress. Looking at its partner as cars passed, their wind would pick up its tail feathers and cause them to flutter back and forth giving the appearance of life. I thought I should move the living bird off the road. Traffic was driving by and I felt I needed to get out of the road for my safety. Realizing what was going on here and thinking of the other bird I thought it was best I didn't try to pick the bird up with my hands and add to its stress. I manage to get the bird to move off the road by nudging it with my boot. I got it in the grass and noticing cars I was blocking beginning to back up, I headed back to my truck and drove away.
We seldom if ever consider what animals are capable of thinking or feeling. I have no doubt this bird was knowingly risking its own life to save its partner.

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