Our countryman from Bolehland made into international
scene appearing in Daily Global News Head Lines ,4th Floor,
Suite 8 Wall Street, New York, 10044 NY. Tel: 212-558-3838
Fax: 212-558-9393. If you cannot read from the post, you
may download The Global News from HERE.

According from my realiable source Ms LP from USA, she
received the Sunday newspaper and comfirmed it !!!!


Look!! What Kenny doing there??

8 Aces:

Anonymous said...

wah both of them got price at over sea lor...
dasat dasat

Anonymous said...

wahlaueh! go international liao!!

backStreetGluttons said...

woi wheeih 1 u wheesh one kenny ah ?

kanot c kelear lah still got haze u know !

Unknown said...

wahahaha... my pose chun mou?

Lin Peh said...

Tiu lor ! spreading like wildfire !

inevitable said...

Cheh... I thought can get free fuck when register as member

Wingz said...

inevitable : free fuck?? got la!!! u bend over la!!! linpeh can give u free fuck! KAKAKAKA!!!

frycrab said...

i join as VIP
mgh!i want big nen nen as ace's favourite

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