I was browsing through the internet and saw this template.
I decided to try this 3 collums template, play play abit and
managed to install it already. Hehehehe.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Maybe I got this itchy hand fever from AhPek. Kakakaka..Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
No lah, actually I wanted to learn more of these templates
wan. Newbie like me must try wan geh. Right anot?? With
trial and error then only can learn what is happening what!
I got a shock when there was a black out this evening. It was
raining heavily and my pc gone blank!! OMG my templates
gone la liddat!!.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

When the electricity resumed about an hour later, I quickly
on back my pc searching high and low if i got saved any copy
anot. Tarak wor!! Die anot!! Aiks...then I remembered saving
a copy in my thumb drive. Aiya!...luckily la. I wonder if blogger
.com will save it for us automatically. I deleted my old HTLM
templates and paste the new one in. Haven't save the settings
yet because busy inserting the codes in then there is a black out.

I was also trying out how to change my cartoon header with a
flash video swf file. Hosted my swf file in File and
got the codes already then copy and paste it in my templates
didn't come out wor!! Maybe it is the width and height setting la.
Any good soul out there can help me with this??Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting



Why are some people so silly? There are so many culprits out
there be it on the streets or on the net lurking innocent people hard
earned money. Cases like magic stone which can cure you from your
illness, "bomoh"or "mediums" which WILLINGLY performed ritual
to cleanse your body from evil. In general they ended up got molested
and raped in the end. Worst still thay paid for these services.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I read in the papers that a lawyer got cheated in a scam responding
to an email saying that her email address had been randomly selected
by their computer to win prizes. Local newspapers advertising 4 digits
Magnum, Da Ma Cai and Toto numbers predictions. They cliam to be
a Master in predicting numbers to help the poor. Sure strike wan..put
money take money concept. If like that so easy to get this winfall then
many people like you and me no need to work lor!! Just stay at home
and consult these 'Master' to give you numbers to strike it rich ler!!

Come on!! Wake up!! After so many cases like this came out in the
local newspaper yet people still don't ever learned from these mistakes.
I was reading the news online Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting this morning and HERE is another case of "4D scam"

Aiyo!!! Please wake-up la!! Can anot?? Ignore these advertisement or


Hello to all friends and readers. Sorry for not updating my
blog. I'm very busy with my work lately. Actually, I'm
busy designing la!! Many thanks for your understanding.

The other day (last week i think), lenglui Sasha post about
woman's boobs and their sizes. She posted about how to
choose the right bra for your nen nen. 36...24...36?? Cup
sizes ranging from A to Z and bla..bla..bla..?

Aceone's research!

Make no fear, Aceone came out a brilliant design of a bra.
In fact, the basic design had not changed dramatically since
its first appearance. But now a new BRA design has been
release. Brands like Wacoal, WonderBra, Versace, DKNY,
just to name a few can't even come close to my new design.

70% of womans can't find the right bra size.

Presently, most of the bras are designed from fashion
perspective to look flattering and sexy. Some even come
with underwire to support sagging nen nen. Comfort play
an important role here. My study showed that roughly
about 70% of womans were wearing a bra which doesn't
fits properly. Either the womans cannot find the right size
or they dunno what type of shape of their nen nen. Worst
still their bra will run out of shape with wear and washing.

With my new design you no nit worry about cup size, comfy
is guaranteed. The brand new bra is design to autofit!! They
come in various colour for you to choose from. Rest assured
that by wearing my new bra, your nipples will not be 'chau
kong'. Customer satisfaction is guarantee here. May I present
you my design?? What else? Diu....scroll down la!!

Ta...Da... Interested? Place you order now!!



A warm welcome to all of you to attend the "Together-gather
year end bloggers party 2006". The event will be held on the
30th December 2006 at Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Time
from 5pm-11pm. We have set up a site for this to keep you
updated. Interested, please fill up the registration form (Ticket
sales) and mail it to as we 'll
get the nearest sales person to get in touch with you. See you

Bloggers Together-gather!!

p/s: Sorry Bro Wingz i'm late in posting this. Very busy lately.
In fact just came back from outstation!! hehehe!!


We need a new maid

Image Hosted by

You, Me, We, Dinner, SOON

We have set up a committee which consist of the best.. These
people consist of my boss wingz (well if he is not participating
he will fatt lan char),HizeCool, Lin Peh, Kenny Rawks, Jolene,
9393, Aceone and..em em.. i know i missed out some of the
committees but i cant help it if they ffk me for meetings.....
Anyway does it sound good? But, before we can even think about
it.. we need some people with some expertise. to make things...

Image Hosted by
This is Hizecool(right)Lin Peh(left)and Kenny(middle) with their outfit.

So there's dinner and there's this place where we gather together..
what do you think? We already have part of the crew set up as above.
But we just lack this few;

1. a Graphic Designer

2. Games Coordinator/Committee

3. Emcee

What?? you mean you dont believe me ar? you think i sin ka you ar? Ohh...
like that la now.. ok.. well you can proceed to all the weblink above,
including mine just to prove that we're serious and sincere. We dont have
any physical preference but my boss does. Heck, who cares what he wants
anyways. Most importantly, we do have to emphasize that it is voluntary
based because we are all freaking poor. For those who are really interested,
please email

In any case you wanna comply to my bosses wishes, you will have to be
something like the below because he has a fetish for that. And, if you like,
you can also send a photo of yourself exactly dressed like this.....

Image Hosted by

Remember, have to lift skirt up geh..even more authentic if your bulu kaki
sticking out thru the socks... he has the kinks for that *psst*

Kthxbai and of course looking forward to hear from you soon.

*Ed Note:

Inline with the committee members, I do hope that you guys
willing to take the time and effort to make the party "Together
Gather' a successful event of the year. Write it up to and tell him why he should pick you.



Greetings from AceOne.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The halloween gang!!

Tonite got party-party anot??

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