We need a new maid

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You, Me, We, Dinner, SOON

We have set up a committee which consist of the best.. These
people consist of my boss wingz (well if he is not participating
he will fatt lan char),HizeCool, Lin Peh, Kenny Rawks, Jolene,
9393, Aceone and..em em.. i know i missed out some of the
committees but i cant help it if they ffk me for meetings.....
Anyway does it sound good? But, before we can even think about
it.. we need some people with some expertise. to make things...

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This is Hizecool(right)Lin Peh(left)and Kenny(middle) with their outfit.

So there's dinner and there's this place where we gather together..
what do you think? We already have part of the crew set up as above.
But we just lack this few;

1. a Graphic Designer

2. Games Coordinator/Committee

3. Emcee

What?? you mean you dont believe me ar? you think i sin ka you ar? Ohh...
like that la now.. ok.. well you can proceed to all the weblink above,
including mine just to prove that we're serious and sincere. We dont have
any physical preference but my boss does. Heck, who cares what he wants
anyways. Most importantly, we do have to emphasize that it is voluntary
based because we are all freaking poor. For those who are really interested,
please email

In any case you wanna comply to my bosses wishes, you will have to be
something like the below because he has a fetish for that. And, if you like,
you can also send a photo of yourself exactly dressed like this.....

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Remember, have to lift skirt up geh..even more authentic if your bulu kaki
sticking out thru the socks... he has the kinks for that *psst*

Kthxbai and of course looking forward to hear from you soon.

*Ed Note:

Inline with the committee members, I do hope that you guys
willing to take the time and effort to make the party "Together
Gather' a successful event of the year. Write it up to and tell him why he should pick you.

10 Aces:

Anonymous said...

sigh i k not make it~ too bad larh` hahahah

Why kenot make it? come la..come la!!

Anonymous said...

got get pay onot? 2 b the comedi remember ? faster let me know, becoz dolla noballwi look 4 me ledi . he 1 2 bollow my big balls 4 sami valu 2 lik kekeke

wei, diswan do voluntary wan la.

Anonymous said...

LOL.... this ace always hide his face ga...wait maybe is a she or worse. Miss Alcazar from Thailand

woi!!! where got ? where got??

Anonymous said...

hmm, u need a Graphic Designer to do what?

Ichitaka, email to rojaks wingz at the email address.Tks!

Anonymous said...

wei nice header leh... but i where got so ji kor pek wan??

Har?? AhPek not ji kor pek wan meh?

Anonymous said...

wah u vely cleber ah,,find all the pics n cartoons so funny funny liddat!

Laundryamah, the cartoon i found it in internet wan la

Anonymous said...

need fucker?hahaha...i can b the one!

No need fucker la!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

this is true body of shireen hope rojaks nose bleed

Not oni wingz nose bleed, all the ma lat lou oso damn 9 stim ledi, kakaka

Anonymous said...

Woi...ur head damn cun la
But Shireen is hippo la...where got so cun punya body


Wakakaka..kenot say Shiryen lidat geh afterward she dunwan frend you.Her body cun ma!!!

Anonymous said...

eh the cartoon up there, wingz really looks like wingz leh! LOL *runs away before wingz gets here*

Lil' nit to run wan..wingz seldom cum here geh!!

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