A warm welcome to all of you to attend the "Together-gather
year end bloggers party 2006". The event will be held on the
30th December 2006 at Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Time
from 5pm-11pm. We have set up a site for this to keep you
updated. Interested, please fill up the registration form (Ticket
sales) and mail it to as we 'll
get the nearest sales person to get in touch with you. See you

Bloggers Together-gather!!

p/s: Sorry Bro Wingz i'm late in posting this. Very busy lately.
In fact just came back from outstation!! hehehe!!

5 Aces:

Anonymous said...

bro, i have moved my blog d....

wah you kaya ledi still got remember me!! tank Q

Anonymous said...

i wanna come!!!! i die die also will come!!! if i sick i'll roll there!!! sei tonixe, when i said i want Mongolian model ah? LOL

Diu..i reserved for you the ticket number 0001 ledi

Anonymous said...

anything in kl is impossible for me hahahahah >_

wokeh..set!! you kambing izzit?

Anonymous said...

where u been lah .. ????

I'm on the run!!!, got Ahlongs looking for me.

Anonymous said...

I wana go ar..But RM100 eh + tol + petrol + accomodation..Any bos can sponsor ar??sponsor my accomodation ar..

Bro..RM100 oni what!! You go kiu kai RM210 you no make noise!!

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