Why are some people so silly? There are so many culprits out
there be it on the streets or on the net lurking innocent people hard
earned money. Cases like magic stone which can cure you from your
illness, "bomoh"or "mediums" which WILLINGLY performed ritual
to cleanse your body from evil. In general they ended up got molested
and raped in the end. Worst still thay paid for these services.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I read in the papers that a lawyer got cheated in a scam responding
to an email saying that her email address had been randomly selected
by their computer to win prizes. Local newspapers advertising 4 digits
Magnum, Da Ma Cai and Toto numbers predictions. They cliam to be
a Master in predicting numbers to help the poor. Sure strike wan..put
money take money concept. If like that so easy to get this winfall then
many people like you and me no need to work lor!! Just stay at home
and consult these 'Master' to give you numbers to strike it rich ler!!

Come on!! Wake up!! After so many cases like this came out in the
local newspaper yet people still don't ever learned from these mistakes.
I was reading the news online Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting this morning and HERE is another case of "4D scam"

Aiyo!!! Please wake-up la!! Can anot?? Ignore these advertisement or

24 Aces:

Anonymous said...

hey 2 day u b kum good guy ah give good warning. Dats the way!

I'm always good and innocent wan!! Sometimes people put me on the table wor!! Wuakakakaka.

Anonymous said...

duilo! you mean those 4d phamplets is fake wan?!!! arghh my money!!!!

You study until Lin Cocka & Wingz universiti knowledge must be very high wan, how cum you oso kena? Lor tiu la lu!!Wuakakaka

Anonymous said...

greedy can lead many to disaster...thats y i not greed one....:p

Ya.. i know you no greedy but hamsap wor!! Wuahahaha

Anonymous said...

If ppl not greedy hor the masters dun cum out one after another lor!! All ppl also "tam siu pin yi" after kena cheat oni curse kau kau!! They r the ones who wan to be bodoh wat to do ler?? U think they wud really wake up meh?? Sai hei ler!!

Wen, in UK got this type of case anot ar?

Anonymous said...

lawyer oso kena con?
i wanna laft lar....
yet this is human nature when they are rich they want more rich.......

Really wor..that lawyer really kena con no read papers meh?

Anonymous said...

aisehhh... lesson post pula, lecture ppl pula... manyak bagus la u bro

Kenny, tank Q bagus la..manyak sapot sama gua!

Anonymous said...

Just think this way, if the "master" really so keng, you think he would still be the "master"? He already goyang kaki, lives in illegal castle and drives marsili lor

But why got people still go and find him? I failed to understand this scenerio.

Anonymous said...

heaheheahae some ppl are juz too naive. they wanna be rich!~ well money doesn't come easily in this world... and that's wut they never realize >_

Yalor...but..but..still they dun learned from these mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Others predictions all fake. Only Master Lin Peh wan is correct one !

What is fake? Your I-piao mei products? wakakaka!!!

Anonymous said...

Agree wit LP. but then hor, if u r in desparate wan money, apa master aso will trust 1. Hope i wun be in that desparate situation.


Master LinPeh: apa nombor ada naik ini hali?? Mau cari duit pegi itu together-gather party oh

Lin Peh where can predict numbers wan, he oni can find you I-Piao mei products!! kakaka

Anonymous said...

"A Sucker Is Born Every Minute"
**sighs** how true!

Macam macam sucker ler!! very true!

Anonymous said...

ppl are simply desperate for more $$ ler.. tht's why they lost all their rational... *sigh...

I oso desperate for money wor!!

Anonymous said...

wan chun numbers, come pray to datuk ahpek!!

wah! Latok Pek oso got gip numbers wan ar...can kena anot?

Anonymous said...

Eh datuk Ah Pek wat nombor U nak kasi ow?

Eh!! UK where got 4 ekor wan? you wan number for what?

Anonymous said...

plain stupid and greedy. Work la.. nothing comes for free man..

You all heard Sasha said anot? Work la!!! what you waiting for? Winfall ar? Move it!! move it!!!!

Anonymous said...

warao i can't believe the lawyer fell for it leh! how did that lawyer pass his/her exams leh??

The cert can buy wan ma...I can print also!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

this are what you call desperate people


Anonymous said...

Cipet i got 3 sms from Pio Mei Land saying my phone number been pick and win a price of RMB 999,999.

I call up, a pio mei pick up and i ask her can I tiu her tonight instead take the slamp my phone ..

Wah!!! Got "leng yeah" why never tell me!!

Anonymous said...

i don't believe in gamble...

Sikit..sikit nebermine one geh!

Anonymous said...

I give I give....5774...tomoro kena. Sure wan. If kena, please share lah hor?

Marsha..the number didn't come out ler!! There goes my 5 bucks!! kakaka

Anonymous said...

well, sometimes, when people in need and greed, usually they would fall into any potential scams.

kesian them lar, greeds sometimes really make ppl dun think right. Stupid? i agree it would be part of it too, if they can just think over, the whole thing is tipu one.

i ignore everything, including those emails one, recently got one, forward mail and u'll get money deposit to ur a/c, well, it's way too efficient to cause the spammage, ppl just could resist the MONEY...*sweat*

Yalor..never reply those emails. They're all "sohai" from Africa i think. You can on your spam guard in yr mails settings wan.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a bit surprising to see that there are people who actually fall for those scams. Don't know why though.

Yinsi Yat said... haizum!! Thanks for dropping by!! kekeke.

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