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This story is about AhBeng. One day while he
was having his breakfast at the local coffee shop
with his friends he heard from far that a lorry
coming towards the kopi tiam with a loud
speaker announcing something. He continued
to enjoy his curry laksa and his favourite cup
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When the lorry approched nearer to the kopi
tiam, he heard the lorry's horning "pin-pin"
and the lorry speaker announcing "tilam!!!
tilam !!! tilam lama tukar baru". His friends
ask him ...,"Beng..tilam lama tukar baru wor
you dowan change ar?? fai tit go change lar!!

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AhBeng thinking that his old mattress is about
high time to change it ledi because the old one
got world map on it made from his saliva and
other sticky things!!! Kekeke...Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
AhBeng quickly ran home waiting for the lorry
to arrive. Finally the lorry arrived.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

AhBeng: Woi!! tokeh!! Lu tukar tilam ka?

Tokeh: Ya, mau tukar ka, kita manyak fesyen
kasi lu pilih punya?

AhBeng: Saya mau dua spring punya wor,ada ka?

Tokeh: Ada...macam-macam ada.!!

So AhBeng proceeded to choose the spring
mattress. After about 10 min ledi Ahbeng finally
decided ledi. OK, tokeh..I wan diswan. I help you
to carry it inside. wokeh? and the old mattress
tokeh i gip you free la..i dowan ledi. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
After changing the new mattress the tokeh
proceed to his lorry writing the bill.

Tokeh: Ini lu punya bill tilam RM300/-

AhBeng: Aiks!!! apa-sal mau wang? tadi lu cakap
kasi tukar baru punya.

Tokeh: Ya..ya..betut!! Kita kasi tukar baru punya
tapi tarak cakap kasi free la!!! Lu punya lama
tilam kita kasi buang free tidak apa la.

AhBeng: tiu lor..saya pikir free punya!! Itu macam
case tak mau la!!!

Tokeh: Woi!! main main ka??

Wuahahaha!!!!!!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

19 Aces:

Anonymous said...

alamak, kena tieu satu kali lagi KNN CCB. PKM ! KLK !

Anonymous said...

Aiyo free,,, he wish la!! KAkakakakakak

Anonymous said...

aiyo tokeh tarak untung lor if kasi free hahahahahha

Anonymous said...

The term tukar tilam coud also mean change wife leh.

frostier said...

wei. what sticky things besides saliva?

ah nel said...

tilam got sextimental value oso wana change mer???

finally the header is up...last nite whole nite saw u bz...

Anonymous said...

ayo where got free things in this world one?? Dat's what I tell my customers all the time! Always ask for free this free that! bluekkkk....

Yinsi Yat said...

[Tonixe], why tieu lagi? Relax leh..kekeke

[Wen],I oso hope got free ma!!kakaka

[Maslight], then hor..the announcement should be clear la, betut tak?

[Cocka], got dis type of term wan meh? Wah..again i learn something from u!!!

[frostier], you know i know la!!!

[Ahnel], kakaka..being doing dis for whole week ledi

[Laundryamah], next time gip your customer free sabun foams la!!! kakaka

Unknown said...

Bodoh Ah Beng la... LOL

Woik... ur header so mafan la... have to load somemore, damn 9 slow la.

Anonymous said...

is this ur real life 's'experience ar ??
cos i always wonder if they really gonna tukar ur old mattress with new.. got such a big frog jumping around meh ??? "eieu" LOL

Yinsi Yat said...

[kenny ng], why slow?? you still using TM Nut dial up 1515 ar? Use la Maxis 3G punya,kakakaka, LOL

[Janicepa], I'm sure you got came accross this lorryman wan, he always ronda ronda. Atcherly hor, those friends lost a bet to ahbeng for testing the lorryman wan!!! kekeke

Anonymous said...

Free? where got free things wan ??

Yinsi Yat said...

kekeke..betting ma!!

Las montaƱas said...

Coming from the land of litigation, I suggest ahbeng bring tokei to court for false representation.

nyonyapenang said...

same la. macam sau kau poh chi - that fler oso never say wanna gib you marny, but every time, you ask "why so little oni ah?"

Anonymous said...

not ahbeng oni but if heard can misunderstand

tilam lama tukar baru..

ke ke ke ke ke

Yinsi Yat said...

[Lasontanas], tat wan is one of his sales tactis ma!! lol

Nyonya,errr..wat is sau kau poh chi?

Pisang, kekeke..same here!!

YBrat said...

I aso wonder. Ah Beng == AceOne118 :P

Dats wat i alwiz tell my mom. Give old can get new 1.So evyday can sleep on new mattress

Yinsi Yat said...

[young brat], nonit to wonder leh ahbeng is not aceone!! kakaka.LOL

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