Once again I was given the honour to do tag/meme. I failed to understand why you fellars like to tag me wan. After doing all of your tags no one actherly gave me an award. kekeke then I might as well award myself an Oscar - The Champion of doing Tag. Before I do the 5 reasons why I blog tag, I want to show you my latest Oscar collection. Nice anot my Oscar? Chun leh!!!

This time my leng lui toudai tagged to do this tag. Here goes la its liddis wan.

1) I was searching the Yahoo searching engine for some nice Rojaks in town. When I put in the word Rojaks for a search, you know what came out in the first line? Everibodi Lafu Rojaks!! I thought this must be it that I can find rojaks food ledi because everibodi lafu this rojaks. Blur-blur liddat when I click it , "niamafulat" why got dis Pak Leong Kam selling rojaks wan. Then I went deeper and read , 'aiks !! tarak rojaks food wan geh, sohai jokes got la..!!! Curious liddat i went to click that red "B" (Blogger). Along the way, I register myself to see what the fark is this... mana tau I ended up till today ledi. Muahahahaha!

2) I don't rant much in this blog. Dunno how to rant also la, keke!! Since this Pak Leong Kam can entertained so many readers i oso wan to try lor..see works anot. Somemore can make online friends wor, chun lar.Being home alone not much friends wan I managed to met some bloggers friends in my 11 months. I 've lost touch with all my skoolmate already. Then suddenly this fler appeared in one of the meeting. Aiks!! this hamsap fler is my skoolmate wor!! He then told me he is selling this "Olin series of producks" now. kekekeke!!!

3) I also want to make more new friends! Getting another friend is better than getting another enemy, correct anot?

4) I wanted to make money online just like what 5xmom, Wingz, AhPek and many others do. BUT i dun have the time to write payperpost leh. I got to cari makan wan leh... knocking on people opis door to buy my products. What to do I got to pay so many expenses all by myself.
That life. All I can afford now is my adsense ads. If you pity me hor...after reading can put your cursor at where it suppose to be and click? Kamsiah lu manyak manyak!!!!!!!!hee-hee-hee.

5)Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Lastly, I open my house wide wide for you all to come and visit me. All are welokam regardless wheather you are Lesbian, Gay, Straight or Crooket, Indian, Malay, Chinese or Bangkali, White ghost (kwai loh) or Black ghost ( Hak kwai).....suma COME..COME!!!!!

Okay, Wenn..Wenn.. 'kau tim' your tag. Cincai la hor. Now got to tag someone to do it izzit?? hehehe!!I tag no one lar, who want to do this tag go ahead ler.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

18 Aces:

pinksterz said...

make money through nuffnang.com.my
no need to do anything one. haha.
i wanna joim but they don't offer to send money to abroad. ceh~

ok, ppl love to tag u innit? i join the list of ppl tagging u. LOL.

Rabbit said...

Woah, this time u very effective wor. So fast done jor geh. ^^

Rabbit said...

Oh, effective and efficient. *thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

Lol so cham ah, kena tag so many times -pats- tag them balik la, lol.

ckyeo said...

noob, neva tag kao lim peh ar?
let the sky keep you la!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Pssst! I'm dating a pair of hot twins this weekend. I think you won't mind "tag'-ing along right?

Yinsi Yat said...

[Pinksterz], nuffnang pays good izzit? Aiyoyo, why you tag me jek?

[Lehbit], fast meh? 2 days ledi wor

[Jessica], I tag you can ar?hehehe

[ckyeo], Lin Peh not free leh, he is cleaning his opis..that day his opis got bloodshed!!!

[Cocka], One twin reserve for me izzit? chun la

Unknown said...

U famous jor... so ppl keep tagging u lor... LOL

Ohhh... u were blur blur dei become a blogger ah? Keng ah!

ckyeo said...

sei noob yin si yatt...lim peh is me la!!!!!!

That lin peh is my sifu..dun mess up...that fler ar...he said that day malaysai blood centre full house!

Yinsi Yat said...

[KennyNg], yalor..blur blur liddat joined Blogger ledi.kekekeke

[ckyeo], kakakaka..niamafulat..i got it mixed up!!

Huei said...

so many tags! next time i kena tag u liao! =P u getting fehmes for doing tags liao! =P


Wennn said...

Sifu now U hv to say tenkiu for me la... Now ppl knows who to tag lor!!! hehehheheheheh... *faster cabut* of nto kena hantam.... psst psst tenkiu ahhhh for doin it... hehehheheh... ciao

Yinsi Yat said...

[Huei], wuahhhhhhhh..easy mia tag ok lar. Cheong hei tag dowan la, wokey?

[Wenn], No problem wenn. kekeke

janice said...

it's so wise of u not to tag ppl

Yinsi Yat said...

[Janicepa], wise leh. Next time i tag you wan anot?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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