My 1st day of work (Hoi Kung Tai Kat) ...I striked it already. In fact, before Chinese New Year also i struck it also. Chun anot? kekekeke...you must be wondering how much i strike Magnum Empat Ekor leh. Walau !!! I kena striked kao kao doing tag la. This leng lui from Perth, Australia mali wan tagged me to list 10 games or toys that i played with when i was younger. Okay lah, the games or toys which I had played during my younger days are lidis wan:-

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1) Marbles or guli - Big and small marbles also i got played before. Kaler or no kaler all also i like to play wan. The colored one is the smaller marbles and the bigger marbles is the white one.

2) Spider - During my younger days, i fark played spider wan.! I still remembered i caught those spider from the bushes by the river side. Of course i need the males and let go all the females. I kept the spider in a match box and brought it to skool. During recess time, my friends and i will take out our spider and let them fark fight. The loser will buy nasi lemak one plate and orange juice one packet. Then you also got to reward your winning spider by giving water la. (normally...my saliva will be used!!!). kekekeke..geng leh.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

3) Fly Kite - This is a must for the boys. It is very interesting wan. I made my own kite using bamboo. The string normally will be glass strings. I made my own glass strings too. It is easy to make your own glass strings. Go buy some brown hard glue and melt it until watery then go smash up some glass preferbably the 4 feet white flourescent lamp you're using at home now. Then hor find a wide space to 'hang' your strings (badminton court will be sufficient)..put the glue in the cloth and slice the glass along the badminton court. When it is dry, collect back all the strings in your 'milo' tin and you're ready for battle. To be the king in the sky, all you have to do is to cut your opponent strings. Bystander somemore 'kan cheong'...they are waiting to see which kite loose and will run after to collect the kite for free!!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

4) Ting Tong - This one gamble wan la. In skool kenot bring playing cards ma ...can bring coins. To play this games veli easy only. One have to be a banker (that's me). Take two 20 cents coins and toss it then cover it with your hand. To place your bets, double heads is at the thumb, double flowers is at the little fingers and Ting Tong which is head and flower is at the middle fingers. Quick..quick.. 'mai ting lei sau'...............HOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

5) Indoor combat - During my childhood time, my 30 sen skool pocket money i didn't spent it. I would saved it to buy combat comic books. From there I created my own combat team. I collected the used Coca cola, F&N, Greenspot bottle caps etc.. (American squad) to fight with other team which is represented by cockerels or Lala shells. (so called German team la). Got tank oso wan la. Normally a simple matchbox is used.! hehehePhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

6) Outdoor combat - This one very terrer wan. You must create your own weapons. Firstly, draw a rifle and a pistol image on a plank with a chalk, then use a 'saw' to cut it out then smoothen it with a sandpaper. Next use many many rubber bands to tide at the barrel and at the end of your rifle tide another small trigger. This is to put your 'bullets'. Aisey..what bullets? Got la, go find 'cherry trees' lor. Pluck as much green cherry as possible if not you are of bullets then koyak la sure kena fired kao kao wan.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

7) Rubber trees seeds - This game not so creative wan. Anyway, I have played it before with my friends. After skool, I would go hunt for the seeds. Some are hard to crack and some are just as lembik wan. The rule is to see which seed is that hardest.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

8) Photos - Dunno if it is called correctly anot. This small picture photos can be obtained from the Indian or Mamak shop. Depending on the number of players also, let say got 10 players and each player will place 10 picture photos (100 fotos ledi) on the drawn square box on the road. About 10-20 meters away from the target all you have to do is use your own 'slippers' to strike your target. Winner takes all. Got to one two 'juice' see who go first la. kekeke. Skill is needed to play this game. Eyes sight must be good and your hand kenot be shaky wan.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

9) Top (Gasing) - Very interesting game. At that time one top will cost me 50 cents . This game see whose top spins the longest. Losers hor..his top 'kena' penalty la. You'll have the privileged to 'chop' his top using your own top. If his top breaks into two then you're the winner. hehehe.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

10) Play Doctor - Beside playing the board games like snake & ladders, monopoly, elephant, mouse,lion, leopard games, ludo, checkers etc I also like to play loctor la. My cousins sister always kena wan. You sick ar? come..come.. i check for you!! Wuahahahaha!!!!!

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Wokeh, Siwwypig..I 'kao tim' your tag ledi, leng mou?Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'm not tagging anyone time time round. hehehehe!!!

16 Aces:

OMG said...

You play Doctor you got strip
your patient or not??

Anonymous said...

wah... AceOne played so many nice games leh... Only the other day SiwwyCow's mother was telling how they played kite last time... So, AceOne, when you wanna make kite for all of your readers and fans ah?

Spiders.. I seen my brother and his friends catching spider before but I only see from a far how they played.. Don't dare to touch them...How do you tell the difference if they are male or female?

AceOne play doctor? Eeeeeeeeee... so young already so.... *ahem*

Cocka Doodle said...

You didnt play with your kukujiao meh? Dun lie! LOL

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

wah play doctor.....
can i be the nurse kar?
exam your cousin?
ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke

and this cocka ar ........
play kkc with wat?

Yinsi Yat said...

[OMG], kekekeke...you wanna know more ar?

[siwwypig], to know which is male or female spider, male spiders are bigger in size compared to female.

[Cocka], playing kukuciao is a game meh? I didn't know that!! kakakaka

[pisang], you wan to be nurse ar? kenot..kenot.She oni wan loctor aceone to examine her wan.hehehehe

Wennn said...

Wah Sifu U so kecik oredi know how to gamble ah... Most of ur game also U gamble la... This memang kaki judi lor... PLay loktor sumore ah???? Aiya hamsup la U... got strip ur cuzzie or not ah?

Huei said...

things played back then was so simple...doesn't require much money too! haih..nowdays kids are so lucky!! hehe

how come ur dancing girl is not doing "YMCA" wan??? =P

Anonymous said...

play kkc alone not a game. but when your friend play with your kkc and you play with his, then it is a nice game..hahahahaa!!!

Sasha Tan said...

Hahahhaa *laffing at cocka and ahpek's comment*

Yinsi Yat said...

[Wenn],When I was born i brought the Ace(s) along to this world la!!!! kakakaka

[Huei], yalor, last time mostly all the games self made wan leh.

[Ahpek], I'm straight wor!! wuahahaha

[Sasha], *wink-wink* funny meh?

Rabbit said...

That also explains why u call urself Ace hor? U brought the aces along to this world!! And.. wa rao eh! U still remember those games. -_-

Anonymous said...

Aiya we all know why aceone play doctor ma...oh my gosh..i so glad he no doctor and my wife not his patient kekekekekekeke

Anonymous said...

aiya i just read ah pek comment on kkc...aiya when young every body play kkc mah..sometimes we get extra assistance that is all ;)

frostier said...

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Unknown said...

Wahhh... almost all the games was my childhood games too. The only thing I played with insects not spider la. Play doctor? Never tried, can see gal naked or not? LOL

Yinsi Yat said...

[Lehbit], The word 'ace' is a wonderful word. Leng leh! Of course i can remember those games ler especially the loctor part! hehe

[Bengbeng] You stayed so far kenot be yr famili loctor ler.!

[frostier], tank Q you blader!

[KenngNg], I think mostly all the boys played these games before wan leh. rite anot?

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