I'm sure many of you have seen this video before and some have not, nevertheless today I'll give you a recap of this video. These 4 good friends, they used to go to thai kok enjoying spending spree there wan. When their supply of money runs low usually they go rob a bank for more money supply. One day, this 4 good friends are broke and decided to rob a bank. They were discussing and planning which bank to rob.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Lin Peh: Ooi have you all decided which is our target?
CKyeo : Of course we go rob a bank la, easy money man!!
Ahbeng : Yalor..yalor..rob bank better cash money!!
Wingz : Okay it is. Our target this time is a bank.

Lin Peh: Which bank are we going go rob?
Wingz : Niama..any bank will do la...which bank's vault got no money tell me.!!
Ahbeng: I dun care la..any bank will do la...I just wan to finish this job fast fast and go 'char kuat'.
Cykeo : Sky keep you lar... we all go rob Siam Bank this time.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The next following day... about 2am liddat, they managed to break into the bank. No matter how careful they were, they are being monitored by CCTV. All the security guard were on the alert liao. Those security guard were wondering why they had chosen their bank as target!. No action were taken yet because they wanted monitor first.

Once LinPeh, Wingz, Ckyeo and Ahbeng are in the strong room, LinPeh slowly slowly opened and matched the vault combination where the money are kept. Once Lin Peh managed to opened the vault.....

Wingz: Oooi !!!! i dun see any money wan? What kind of bank is this?Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Ahbeng : Nmft!!! Just yogurt!! Why no money wan! (all are looking at ckyeo ledi..why he has chosen Siam Bank)
Ckyeo: Errr..soli la blader...I no go skool, I dunno how to read ...I oni saw the a S....Bank ...since we susah-susah here we all eat yogurt la.

Wingz : Sounds good, give me that!....(so after he drank that yogurt and others oso follow la!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Wakkakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!


Niamafulatt!!! They go and rob Sperm Bank!!!

After nine months, we all sama-sama go visits them at the maternity ward , wokey?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Wakakakakakaa!!!!!!!!!!

18 Aces:

pinksterz said...

drink sperm must be so powerful one!

must give birth to triplets at least!

ps: you owe me. muahahaha!

Anonymous said...

wAAAAAhh!! drink sperm can get pregnant!! later like the guy who's pregnant for duno how many years already how??

Unknown said...

LOL... saw this video b4, but never expect u create the story so well! Bravo bro... wakakakaka

Huei said...


eww ewwww ewwwww

ace..dun lie..i was u wasn't it?? =P heheh

Anonymous said...

wah..this one..

cum one, cum all!


Jason Leingod said...

really taste like yogurt r? lol...

Lisan said...


Sasha Tan said...

this is better than drink tongkat ali!

Weird Dan said...

Oh shit, yoghurt....

I know you tried before aceone

Yinsi Yat said...

[Pinksterz], how you know drink sperm power wan? kakaka

[cincauhangus], you try and see then tell me can?? kekeke

[KennyNg], tank Q oso can wan

[Huei], you ask your LKJ lar!! kakaka

[Mott], syiok la liddat!!

[Itchitaka], you try and see lar then let me know!!kakakaka

[Lisan], iyrrrrrrrrr..ewwwwwwww...why? why? Still got some left you know!! kakakaka

[sasha], oh!! now i know lar!! YOU eerrr...kakakaka

[Danielctw], I like tofu more lar!!

Rabbit said...

Oi! Acey kor kor! U now say like that, tomorrow i don dare to eat yoghurt liao! Gone case la my breakfast!

ckyeo said...

Sky keep sperm bank la!!! lim peh not that stewpid wan!!!

janice said...

u sure it taste like yoghurt ka ?? hahahaha.... lucky i dun like yoghurt !!

babyfiona said...

muhahaha, the way u illustrate it damn funny..

Sweetpea said...

alo! kesian pity kelian do my tag can can can??

tenkyu tenkyu!

Yinsi Yat said...

[Lehbit], ace korkor take you go breakfast 'wan tan mee' + ais lemon tea. okay? Yogurt no nice wan.kekeke

[Ckyeo], U die ler..u said sky keep sperm bank!! Alot of womens depending on that bank wan la.

[Janicepa], looks like yogurt !!

[babyfiona], Welokam, Vanakum, Sawadeekap, Selamat Latang to my blog. I illustrate it funny meh? I no go skool wan la!! kakaka

[sweetpea] alamak another tag? pengsan la!!! kakakaka

Anonymous said...

no wonder i see so many babies looklike yr baby pics..u been selling to the!!! :)

Yinsi Yat said...

[Bengbeng], Shhhhhhh!!!not so loud la wei!!!

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