Got tagged again from leng lui Huei. It is about what is inside your bag. Huei, since i don't carry a bag like all 'si lai' do, all i can show you is my 'kung si pau' wokeh?

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Things inside my bag which includes:-

1). My cash sales book - While on the road, if got sales i use this cash book. No time to go back opis to print invoice la.

2). My insurance policy - car and life insurance. This is where kills me. Bulan-bulan bayar and yearly bayar. Pay until leg cramp ledi. Not only this kena bayar others things also ler.

3). Name card - Opis mia name card and Yinsi Yat mia name card. kekeke

4). Thumb drive - 1GB removable thumb drive just in case got porn to download!! kakaka

5). Passport - Must have this with me just in case all the ahlongs come and find me.!! Liddat can 'cheok choh' faster ma lol.

6). BirthCert - I Dunno why i always carry this with me.

7). Cheque book - This cheque book is to con people wan. Take goods issue bounce cheque. Mana mau cari!!!

8). Pens - My magic pen. Mali-mali humm!!

Hahahaha...that all you can find in my bag. Nothing much you can see in my bag ler. Okay, kau tim your tag. sau kung! Not tagging anyone this time round. hehehe.

14 Aces:

Huei said...

WAH!! your kung si pao veli important! passport and birthcert! wah!!

magic pen?? isit the pen that on news paper they got write..used to hypnotize people wan??

can i borrow????? kakakaka =P

Sasha Tan said...

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT Birth cert doing in yr bag????Passport i know la u wanna anytime also look for piao mei also can! hahaha

Admin said...

sasha, birth cert to prove to his piao mei how young he is mah.

Rabbit said...

Birht cert and passport together gether in the bag ka acey kor kor? If ur bag em kin jor u will cry or not geh?

sotongking said...

Niasing...passport always in the bag=nonit go home,straight away can go hiap chai


pisang goreng 115,NF said...

lets we go to UK together
can watch football there
ok anot?
we go cam whore at shanghai...
ke ke ke ke ke

Unknown said...

Why no ham dai one? So I can pinjam ma... LOL

backStreetGluttons said...

hey ware da lubber thing ah ?

Wennn said...

hhahahahhah I like the name card... I also got one... Now I can photocopy it and paste all over London's phone booth for U ... freee advertising okey????

It was nice meeting U sifu.. U still owe me Lok lok okie with Kenny... U guys were great.. Tenkiu...

Anonymous said...

u r one farneee guy..bring so many things out in ur bag!

ckyeo said...

dun lie....u hide ur ham dai sumwhere inside the bag...

Yinsi Yat said...

[Huei],Which pen you wanna borrow jek?

[Sasha], Me oso dunno why that cert in doing in my bag ler!kakaka

[Apek], nonit to show cert wan la, ppl are calling me YOUNGMAN ledi!!

[Lehbit], if my bag 'em kin jor' cry oso no tears la!

[sotongking], Go hapchai? Next time i count you in want anot?

[Pisang], If got chance to go UK, I wan to visit my toudai Wenn! That is my 1st thought

[Kenny Ng], Shhhhh!!!Ham tai is in another bag la wei!!!kakaka

[Team bsg], The rubber thing? It is in 7-11 la wei!! LOL

[Wenn], You are great too. I lafu my toudai deep deep!!Lok-lok anytime ler, no problem geh.

[Laundryamah], what to do amah..no one is at home ler!

[Ckyeo], where got? where got? kekeke

Cocka Doodle said...

Why your bag got stain ah? you 'jau for'and simply shoot is it ah? LOL

Yinsi Yat said...

[Cocka], where got? where got?

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