Aiseyman, I can escaped from Wingz and Huei from doing this tag but cannot escape from amah. I ask her to promote my blog to her neighbours she pulak give me work doing this tag. Anyway, manyak tenkiu amah for remembering me. Errrr...A-Z tag izzit?? wokeh....tarak problem wan geh. Here goes;-

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A for Akua, ie: I no play play Akua wan. I no play septic tank wan la.!!!

B for Breast, ie: Every woman's breast one big one small wan geh !! (tuah suei liap). Go and check correct anot!

C for Char Kuat, ie: If you are tired I gip you free 'char kuat' !!!

D for Dohleen, ie: They called my grandma Dohleen.

E for Eye-Fi, ie: I'm also a partner in Olin series of producks, Eye-Fi is invented by me!!LOL.

F for Feikei, ie: Lin Peh is a feikei yau always no come for meeting wan.

G for G-string, ie: What G-string? Thong got la, I rekoment you see Lisan mia Thong!!!

H for Hailat, ie: If i no do this tag sure hailat wan! Kenot play play with amah later she bring watermelon knife i sure die wan.

I for Implant, ie: Lin Peh just went for breast implant, he/she asked mama to buy bra and got rejected!! Muahahahaha (refer here)

J for Juice, ie: Izzit it wetwetliutliut mia juice? Muahahahaha, LOL

K for Kanasai, ie: After doing this tag, I know sure kena kanasai wan.

L for Lin Peh, ie: Brader Lin Peh, do you know that someone "arm luen" sama lu??

M for Mor mor cha cha, ie: Taukeh soh..I want eat your mor mor cha cha pls? The 'tong sui' la, what you thinking jek??

N for Nen Nen, ie: Mummy I wan nennen!! (Left nennen is hot, right nennen is cold izzit?).

O for Orlando, ie: If you cannot shit go find this place called Orlando!

P for Por por, ie: I wan go pluck por por!!

Q for : duilor dunno what to write tim.

R for : Rotikia, ie: If you go Sg Wang can find alot of rotikia!

S for Sohchai, ie: The fler who came out with this tag is sohchai!

T for Tailok, ie: When peeing in the toilet dunno why Wingz showed everyone his tailok dick.

U for U, ie: I lafu U deep deep wan geh.

V for Viagra, ie: If your brader no wake up, take 1 bijik viagra pls.

W for Wingz, ie: I graduate from Lin Cocka wan.

X for X-rated, ie: Cocka wanted a pair of X-rated glasses which can see thru clothing wan.

Y for Yinglish, ie:I graduate from Lin Cocka, thats why my yinglish sucks!

Z for Zodiac sign, ie: My zodiac sign is Lion.

21 Aces:

Sasha Tan said...

Oi Why S is not Sasha wan!!!

Winn said...

zodiac got eng got chinese..both oso dun have lion leh

Anonymous said...

i where got so fierce wor? will not die when i bring watermelon knife one..will be impotent only! viagra oso cannot help ah!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

A is not for AKUA lor....

you know A is for wat?

A is for ACEONE118......

Yinsi Yat said...

[Sasha], Other time can? I put your name BIG BIG like what you put mine!!kekekeke

[Winn], got lion wor!! English Zodiac sign Leo is Lion wor!!

[Laundryamah], wuah!! you manyak terrer la!

[Pisang], you pandai la, manyak sapot me wan.

Anonymous said...

hahahaaha i laugh so much :) as for info umentioned on my blog about ivf it earned me ppp USD7.00 u need practical lessons? I can get video and give u a lecture USD70.00

Admin said...

Q for qua qua giu, like kena fuck that time lidat.

janice said...

hahaa.. qua qua qiu.. hahaha... sei mou !! fark oso hv to QQQ .. nia ma !!

Yinsi Yat said...

[Bengbeng], Thanks Bengbeng. Not now ler abt the ivf thingy.

[AhPek], Why I didn'think of that wan, haha. Thanks for filing in for me. hehehe

[Janicepa], when you doing that time got qqq anot jek?

Unknown said...

Why not R for Rock?

Lisan said...

pwahhhh. why you go tell people i arm luen ah pek?!?! shhh. dont tell people la!!!

Huei said...

y H not huei?? hehhehe :P

F for fei kei yao meh? not use to beat wan meh the fei kei? kaak


Jason Leingod said...

ur ABC nombor one man... lol

Yinsi Yat said...

[Kennyng], Rock ar? Catch no ball la

[Lisan], okay..Shhhhhhh..i dun tell!!kekeke

[Huei], kakakaka!! beat fei kei!!

[Itchitaka], Number one leh!!

pearly said...

ace : is so cool you and janice is one of the kind ler have a nice day

Yinsi Yat said...

[Pearly], janice showed you my photo ar? Me chun anot jek? kekeke!!LOL

Anonymous said...

ya link you liao... but that wont make u Fatt Tatt wo...
Ingat that YinSi.com huh.

Yinsi Yat said...

[ahboon], thks boon, still considering it!! kakakakak

nyonyapenang said...

i thot 'Q' is the name of your favourite gal...Ah Q-cheh. :D

Anonymous said...

hey one thing you might wanto try is to take away the jalan jalan thing at the botom of your site. It might looks changih, but will slowdown your page load.

try n see if got improvement not la.

pearly said...

hi dear jan didn't show me any pict but then reading your blog you are very hamsap ler heheeheh.
just joking .
have a nice dayxxx

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