Aiseyman, another tag for me to do. *sigh* This time from Pinksterz. This tag bag sag got many parts one leh. The blue ones are the questions and the orange colour are my answers. Okay lets do a quick one. Here goes:-

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Part 1 - One The Outside

name: aceone118
date of birth : 29/3/06 - dis wan is my blog mia bird-day la! hehehe
current status: I'm available!!
eye colour : I wanted blue, can??!!
hair colour : Dark brown
righty or lefty: I'm a lefty
zodiac sign: I'm a Leo

Part 2 - On the Inside

your heritage : Slowly counting the time ledi.
your fear : I fear of people not ghost
your weakness: It is my health i'm concerning.
your perfect pizza: I dun like pizza wan leh!

Part 3: yesterday, today & tomorrow

your thoughts first waking up: : Work for money
tomorrow: I dunno yet..see got appointment anot
your bedtime: Unpredictable wan, normally 3am !
your most missed memory: my bird-day party at the beach!

Part 4: - Your Pick

pepsi or coke: I like 100 plus more or kickapooh
mcd or burger king: Burger king (the australian one taste nicer)
single or group dates:Date with who leh???
adidas or nike: I can only afford 'fung keong'
lipton tea or nestea: I like 'cham peng' - every morning sure kena one glass geh.
chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
cappucino or coffee: cappucino from Crown

Part 5 - Do you...

smoke : Yes I do
curse: sometimes, if you talk behind my back.

Part 6 - In the past month

drank alcohol: I drank Root Beer
gone to the mall: It was yesterday at The Mall checking prices for my taukeh Lin Peh.
been on stage: I very sked wan
eaten sushi: Does it tastes good?
dyed your hair: Oh yes, many times liao until it is dropping ledi. *sigh*

Part 7 - What were you doing?

1 minute ago: I was digging my nose a minute ago!
1 hour ago: I was checking my orders and printing invoices.
41/2 hours ago: I was doing hard labour delivering goods.
1 month ago: Can you specify which date are you refering to last month?
1 year ago: I can't remember la, kakakaka

Part 8 - Finish the sentences

I love : to go deep sea fishing.
I feel : hungry at the moment.
I hate : people who stab me behind my back.
I hide : I got nothing to hide.
I miss : my parents (they're no longer here)

Part 9 - Tag 5 peoples

ah beng
ah lian
ah cock
ah tooh
ah put

Kakakaka, wokey..'beres' ledi your tag Pinksterz!!

21 Aces:

Rabbit said...

Wah! u available wor! I want do booking!!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

ace you very keng lor.....
always kena tag wan......
kih kih kih kih kih.....

Unknown said...

LOL... cool answers! Keng ah bro!

Huei said...

first thought when u wake up u think of work for money?? wah..i must think that edi..i onli think "should i mc?" kakakka

when u gona have another bday party at the beach jek? =P

who talk behind or stab ur back?!? i help u curse!!! =D

Wennn said...

Wah liao who are those Ah beng Ah Lian Ah cock,ah tooh and ah put??? Err Ah Cock I think is cocka la!! No????

laundryamah said...

as usual u made me laugh like wuahahaha until my colik oso asked what so funny!

backStreetGluttons said...

u r more famous than Ace 119 lah !

Sasha Tan said...

i like yr last part..cos i dunsee my name there!

Anonymous said...

U sound an interesting person:)

Anonymous said...

who is ah beng? is it me? hope not coz i not clever make witty remarks hahahaah

Yinsi Yat said...

[Lehbit],yau mou? i can see your face blush ledi lar

[Pisang], "keng"??. what to do they die die oso wan to tag me!!

[KenngNg], Tank Q blader, you memang understand me wan, hehehe

[Huei],aiyoyo..when you first wake you the first think you tot of MC? kakakak 'siew sei ngor la'.

[Wenn], there are dummy names oni, hahahaha

[Laundryamah], next time ask your colik to join you also lar! leng mou

[Team bsg], i searched high and low wondering who is Ace 119!!

[Sasha], dis time I so good, I spare you ledi to do this tag. So apa maciam? Belanja teh tarik ar?

[BengBeng], do I really sound that interesting?? kekeke..anyway you no need to do this tag. The names there are dummy names only.

nyonyapenang said...

hmmmm....you very 'cheng siong'. i.e normal lar. LOL

Melting Wok said...

hey ace the joker, hopped over from tonixe, shall we address you the official mista "booga" hahhaa, interesting, yet humiliating me's you got here, cheers !:)

Yinsi Yat said...

[nyonyapenang], thks nyonya. How was your holidays? kekeke

[melting wok], hihi..welcome to my blog.

Jason Leingod said...

ha? u dont eat pizza? sayangnya... give me eat then, lol

Chemical Apple said...

nice tag..
so since u LOVe tag so much and ur site really rocks..
so I TAGGED u...
see my latest post for thge tag...

Lin Peh said...

Wei...Your Mybloglog, shows so many leng looi cum visit your blog wan wor ! U sendiri copy and paste and tipu wan is it ? HAHAHA !

Yinsi Yat said...

[Ichitaka], we go eat 'lok lok' better la, chun anot?

[Blueapple], alamak!! another tag? Quickly cabut!!

Yinsi Yat said...

[Lin Peh], where can copy and paste? Anyway, where is your pic? why you didn't register at mybloglog? You wan kena from me izzit? hahahaha!!

Sweetpea said...

Yinsi, sai no blog these few days? malas ya?

Yinsi Yat said...

[sweetpea], i'm busy ler. Morning do my work.afternoon do my opis work evening do party punya work and read blogs then sleep ledi.kakaka

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