This is a tag from babyfiona on 10 thingy i likes. I forgot to do this tag. hehehe...(purposely forgot wan la) hoping that she will also forgot all about it. Mana tau she reminded me to do it, and this tag is dated 10 April 2007. Fuiyoh! ladies all terrer wan la..they all sure remember wan when they tagged you, which day they tagged you and what time they tagged you. Guys don't play play ohhh!!!

Anyway, this tag is kacang la.... it is better that the last tag I did which is 10 weird thingy!! Here goes ler:-

1) I likes to go "char thai kok kuat". Can find it here in KL already. hehehe

2) I likes to watch English Premier League. My favourite team is Arsenal.

3) I likes to watch my angel angelfish swim. It is very relaxing seeing them swim.

4) I likes to go to the aquarium shop. Can spend hours there wan. Psst!! I'm eyeing one red arowana leh cost RM2,800. Do you think it is worth buying? Any sponsor?

5) I likes to go fishing. Be it at sea or at the man made pond.

6) I likes to eat titbits while watching television.

7) I likes to go pluck 'papaya'!!! kakaka

8) I likes to go have this and likes have that..so many things i wanna buy.

9) I likes to smell baby mia head.

10) and most of all.... I likes to sleep!!! People say sleeping is a poorman luxury which i totally agreed! don't you agree? Kekekeke..

Wokey!! kau tim....Sau kung!!!!

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pisang goreng 115,NF said...

plucks papaya ?
can joi kar?

Unknown said...

Where to char thai kok kuat? I mean clean one... no hanky banky one.

babyfiona said...

finally u kau tim my tag! Baru u tahu the power of women. muhahaha

btw, whay is char thai kok kuat? massage ar? the special service kind?

and hor if u want to go fish shop, u can call my hubby anytime, he wills always prepare to go with u..and RM 2800 buy a new ultra sharp LVD screen TV lagi best lar!

Yinsi Yat said...

[Pisang],you wan to join ka? Afterwards you nose bleed dun blame me ar!!

[Kenny ng], You interested oso? Call me.. and i'll take you there. Yes, it is clean wan tarak hanky panky mia. They all came from thailand wan and it is exactly the same as when you're in thai kok char kuat. I can see there are girls go char kuat oso leh.

[Fiona], tarak spesel service wan la!!! what spesel serbis you wan jek?

day-dreamer said...

Sleep! I like too. It's GOOD!!


_butt said...

me likes sleeping too!! :D

err.. mind if I ask what is 'char thai kok kuat'?

Admin said...

kenny ah. thai gok kuat all clean wan wat. where got dirty wan hor, yinsi.

Anonymous said...

hi!! Pluck "papaya" ? haha i heard that there are lots of "papaya farm" around Klang area!! true ??

Anonymous said...

And I love Manchester United!

Yinsi Yat said...

[Day dreamer and Butt], fuiyoh! you gals oso like to sleep wan ar? chun la!

[AhPek], yalor..! kekeke

[worthless123], come la KL, papaya farm here alot!! kakakka

[Jessbabe], MU are the title holder ledi!

rainbow angeles said...

The price of that arowana can let u go char kuat many many times liao wor...

Anonymous said...

waa...support Manchester united lor... they are going to win ady ...
next season support arsenal again..

Anonymous said...

ZzZzZzzzzz.... *snoooreeezz....*

SLEEP IS GOOD! I slept until 6.30opm today man.

Hahaha!! When I woke up and see the sky dark-dark I thought it was 6.30am! HAhahaha!!!

Yinsi Yat said...

[Angel], yalor horr!! kekeke

[xyiry],Woah..tukar-tukar team wan ka? Liddat tarak faithful la!! wakakaka

[Nesh], Yeah, you need a good rest. How was your flu and fever? Okay ledi anot?

Cocka Doodle said...

You go char the 3rd leg or char kuat jek?

3,4, & 5 confirmed that you ARE indeed unker goldfish liao. Kakakakkaa!!!

All those claiming to be papayas are indeed lying..what they have is only chikus. LOL

No. 9...which head ah?

Yinsi Yat said...

[Cocka], LOL

Huei said...

i like to sleep oso1!!! =D

smell baby mia head?? y??

Rabbit said...

Woah, looks like everyone oso likes sleeping huh? Me too! =)

Jason Leingod said...

wow, u really the kind of 'fishy' ppl wor... dont become water fish enuf, lol

Yinsi Yat said...

[Huei and Lehbit], woah!! Looks like alot of sleeping beauty la! hehehe

[Ichitaka], I like FISH ! Don't you? kekeke

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