I got tagged by flsam to do this meme about my 10 weird things or habits. Thank you for remembering me. Here goes:-

1) I carry my birthcert and passport with me whenever I'm out doing sales. (Me oso dunno why).

2) I got biten by a baby shark sometime last year. - I fished out this baby shark from the sea then i left it on the boat. After a while i tot this blady shark is dead ledi so i took it from the mouth. MCH!!, suddenly this blady shark bite 9 me and dowan let go. Of course pain la!!My friends opened the baby shark mouth with plyers... then oni my fingers are free. Nabeh! I took the hammer and wallop the baby shark until it head kemek ledi!! Wakaka.

3) I spent most of my money on fishing rods and reels. When i'm broke i sell it off to my friends at a discount..then when got money i go buy the latest model and keep. Sei mou? People say I crazy wor!

4) I dun mind to carry coffin wan. - There was once my friend mia friends punya dad passed away. Me dunno who oso!! I voluntered to carry the coffin. People say carry coffin brings you luck wan. Really wan!!

5) In my religion I need to go for chanting for the dead. Many I do not know them wan. When I received a call from my area head. I need to go ledi.

6) I hate cats!!!- last time i cook wan!! hehehe. There was once I fried 1 ikan bawal for dinner and left it on the dinner table and went to take my shower. MCH!!, when i came out that blady stray cat is enjoying my fish!! lol. Of course buddha oso got fire la...and chased the cat 9 streets!

7) I like fish alot. - One of my 'fung sui' fish died. The weird thing is I hesitated to throw it away. So I deep frozen it in my refrigerator for 2 weeks. (Kira mourning la) wakakaka!!

8) Dig nose - I'm sure you do it too rite? I 've this weird habit of err..err..rolling this blady thing into a small ball liddat then smell it!!! wakakaka!! Dun poke okay!! lol

9) My Pillow - this pillow follow me more than 10 years adi. Macam-macam ada wan..the smell la of course, maps from my saliva etc. wakakaka!!! (eh, please dun think of something else ok? )

10) Underwear - I wear my underwear until bocor then oni throw wan. Laughed all you want i dun care!!!!!!!!!!Muahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay...kau tim flsam mia tag!!!!

Now the best part is I tag another 5 victims..hehehe...and they are:-

1) Ryrain
2) AbbyC
3) Aaron
4) Fattien
5) Lehbit

21 Aces:

rainbow angeles said...

Hahaha!!! OMG! OMG!

AaronWoolala said...

Weh! Really kena tagged!
Aiseh~ I go see what weird habit I have sin.

FL Sam said...

ROTFL. U carry passport always, u must be crossing borders alot. Or u plan to run when Ah Long come after u. Lol.

Winn said...

hhahah!! funnies la u

eh my cousin also chant for dead she doesnt know and she's quite a strong follower and i respect her for that..
i got follow few times also..last time i scared of seeing dead ppl..dare not even touch them..now i m ok oredi.

ur map which country one ar? whole globe ar?

ah nel said...

cipettt...ask u don owes play small dragon lady u wan n now ur face look like a china pendatang haram ledi...LOL

Anonymous said...

Omg.... this tag was difficultlah. Have to write my weird habbits. hahahah.. I attempt

Rabbit said...

EH!! i don have weird habits one! How to do this tag ah? Kaka!

I cant actually picture it, i mean when u kept the fish in refrigerator for two weeks. =.= Then end up what u did with it ah? cook and eat? Kaka!

hcfoo said...

u are errr....weird...

Cheeky_me said...

no matter how weird u r, i still lap u 9 9 yin si... mmmuuuuaahhh!!!

Sasha Tan said...


Bc and passport u carry to show piaomei "i really from malaysia wan"

And the nose shit...man..dun come near me.

And the holy undie....U wanna act like incredible hulk izit? can koyak it when angry. Hahahah

Anonymous said...

wah..u fisherman???



nyonyapenang said...

you are adorably weird!

nyonyapenang said...

except for the tahi hidung part....aiyerrr...i am not touching that karaoke mike you have in your hands.

ckyeo said...

stingy pillow, i kesian ur new piao mei!!

Yinsi Yat said...

Manyak tenkiu you all for the lovely comments. I lafu you all deep deep!!

Sweetpea said...

eh, i thot u'll say u roll your taik hidung and then eat it! cheh. and also hor, u part-time 'namor lou'??

babyfiona said...

ewww..u actually dig dig dig, keep keep keep and smell it?? really pengsan ler..cant u just "tiak" it away???

Unknown said...

Cat so cute u also hate?
What religion u are ah?

Yinsi Yat said...

sweetpea,babyfiona & kenny], Tenkiu..manyak tenkiu for your comments!!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

baby shark bite you?
at where?
not butt hor?

Huei said...

eiyer!! u wallop 9 the shark!! kesian!! dun wan fren u liao!!!


y hate cats ler..so cute..know how to steal ur fish!!

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