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One fine Sunday morning, Ah Diu called his best friend Ah Tiu for "lim teh" session. This two old fellars headed to their favourite BengBeng kopitian downtown for breakfast. After eating, Ah Diu begin to smoke his first cigarettes of the day and started a conversation with Ah Tiu.

Ah Diu: Oi..ah tiu ar...nowadays hor.. alot of people si beh sked of dying lar. I can see many peoples are heading to the nearest hospital for medical check-up liao.

Ah Tiu: I dunno wor...people health conscious kenot meh?

Ah Diu: Yalor..I think we should go for check up oso lah since our age catching up ledi. Somemore 'lu si beh song' la just got married to another 21 years old wife. Liddat, you lagi must go for check la see your little brader still can work anot!!!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ah Tiu: No need check lah Ah Diu... "Waa tiam tiam ka lu kong" hor...i think my brader still can lar!!

Ah Diu: Woah!! really ar?

Ah Tiu: Of course la. Na Beh!! baluuu yesterday my 21 years old wife told me she is pregnant liao.

Ah Diu: Si kiu lu!!! Kong hee!! Kong Hee sama lu sien.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thereafter, Ah Diu and Ah Tiu went home seperate way la. On the way home, suddenly Ah Tiu dunno why "siam" straight to the hospital for check-up. At the Doctor opis, Ah Tiu and the Doctor mia conversation:-

Ah Tiu: Loctor..loctor!! Waa ka lu kong horr, I've never felt better in my entire life man, in fact I have a 21 years old mia wife who is pregnant and having my baby! I hor si beh happy liao.

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Doctor: At first the loctor check-check Ah Tiu punya chest la then.. can you take off your pant & underwear..i need to do a test. (while the test is in progress, ah tiu asked the loctor)

Ah Tiu: ang chua? what do you think loctor?? eh sai boh??

Doctor: thinks for a while and shake his head and says , Ah tiu, let me tell you one stori la...it liddis wan. I know a guy whois a hunter, he never misses his hunting season. But one day horr he is in a hurry to go hunting and he accidently grab his umbrella instead of his rifle. While in the forest, suddenly a tiger appears out of no where in front of him. This guy raises his umbrella at the tiger and squeezes the umbrella handle and the tiger drop dead in front of him. So Ah Tiu.. ang chua? what do you think??

Ah Tiu: That's impossible loctor!! How can that tiger just drop dead liddat..someone must have SHOT it.

Doctor: EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to tell you that!!!!!

Ah Tiu: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Tiu lor!! Hailat lor liddat!! Jialat liao!!!

Muahahahahahahaha Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Sasha Tan said...


Sasha Tan said...


Sasha Tan said...


Sasha Tan said...

okay now i read....

Sasha Tan said...

hahahahahah gila punya ace!

Yinsi Yat said...

Ooi!! lu spamming gua mia comments box ka?

Cocka Doodle said...

Sasha..I also like to drool at your lovely love handles! Muahahhaa!!!

babyfiona said...

jialat lor hahaha, cannot shot

Anonymous said...

bodoh oso lor this locter,,,just chk & see can know meh,,,ok ok it's a joke...LOL!

Rabbit said...

*scratch head* what is Si kiu lu?

Weird Dan said...

pregnant sial... but dunno who shot it...WAHAHHAA

Anonymous said...

yesh, somebody..hahahhaaha

Anonymous said...

Tiu looor... sad fella.. and he thought he was 'fruitful'


Sweetpea said...

sasha velly notty! but velly cutie. geeb me idea your next blog arr yinsi, i CHUP like her! muuuaahahahahhaaaaa!!!

Unknown said...

Must be u shot Ah Tiu's wife... :P

Jason Leingod said...

you know who shot it ah? XD

Huei said...

wear green hat liaoo!!!

Yinsi Yat said...

[Sasha], spamming ?

[Cocka], you like to drool what? hahaha

[Fiona], Jialat leh!!

[Laundryamah], who dunno it's a joke? kekeke

[Lehbit], me scratch head oso..looking for you for tutor but you tarak! lol

[Danielctw], Not you meh? hehehe faster tell!!

[Bengbeng], you know who?

[Nastasshea], sure tiu lorr!!kekekeke

[Sweetpea], tenkiu sama lu

[Kenng Ng], Not Me!! Not Me!!

[Ichitaka], you ask danielctw and see. He is now hiding in some island!! hahaha

[Huei], Hahahaha!!!!

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