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After much persuasion and begging from my fansi, AceOne today is in the mood to tell you Lin Peh mia stori!! As you all know, of late Humhai Lin Peh finally showed us his old collection whereby he took his own baby video having fun when he was small. This is what he said:-

However, after Lin Peh's extensive research, it is confirmed that no one have posted baby video of themselves. So, Lin Peh decided so sacrifice lor ! Ladies and genitlemen... For the first time in the history of Tok 3 Tok 4, Lin Peh will show you a video of Lin Peh taken long time ago when Lin Peh was still a baby. Hope you like it:

Having witness the video, AceOne concluded that he is a "weird" guy afterall . Wakakaka!!! WTF!! First of all, he did it with a doll (thats how he started his business in Olins series of produck) and secondly he did it with the clothes on. (nevermind, he was a toddler then). Sooner, through out his adults hood, humhai Lin Peh joined venture with his friends to open up a "yamade" skool of universiti to teach people how to make love.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

In conclusion, his brain is lidis wan.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Linpeh's brain filled with this craps!!

Ladies and genitelment!! Let me introduce you lin peh mia piao mei!! Big bouncing por por wan.

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One fine day, lin peh finally got to know how to do it without the clothes on and this time he did it with his piao mei!! (no more doll la, adults ledi ma). They are having such a good time 'tau tau mor mor' and having sex. Lin Peh was on top of the piao mei!! Huh arh!! huh arh!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Their conversation is lidis wan:-

Lin Peh: Oi piao that i'm on top of you do you feel it cumming anot?

Piao Mei: Piao Ker... No wor!!! I dun feel a single stroke of you wor!!!

Lin Peh: How come? I 'm doing my very best ledi wor!! I pushed so deep deep you no kam-ming?

Piao Mei: Still no wor!!

Lin Peh: Perhaps we should do it in the bathroom, there got water wan!

PiaoMei: Piao ker.. just now we 'tau tau mor mor' hor my natural water kambing ledi leh! Errrr...can you push harder anot jek?

Lin Peh: Fark you la..!

Piao Mei: Lanjiao la!! I dowan to do it ledi. Always do it with you I got headache wan!!! LOL


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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Oi Lin Peh!! diswan apa mia position??Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


21 Aces:

frostier said...

Linpeh so noob~!!

this mean his toudai also will be on top of lehbit?

Rabbit said...

*smack frostier*

What toking you!?

*bite frostier*

clement said...

hahaha, very funny!!

frostier said...

like that I ter-hoot lehbit and linpeh toudai..


pinksterz said...

rabbit and linpeh's toudai?


Winn said...

HHAHAAA!!! u har..

another cocka!!

Brother Wai said...

i like the brain diagram!!

Unknown said...

LOL... Lin Peh again... pity him lor

Jason Leingod said...

amazing brain pic... lol

ckyeo said...

lin peh kena sky kept d...hahhahaha as his official tou dai i must say....


Sasha Tan said...

wei itu linpeh belum mali tengok ka..? muahahaha

AbbyC. said...

MY GOD! liddat oso can *faints* LOL!!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

this wan kar?

dis position is called

statute of liberty position...


Yinsi Yat said...

[Frostier], Oi!! what toking you? Bully lehbit muimui ar? Mau kena ka? Now you 'poh wok oso no use ledi, lin peh toudai sure tarok you kao kao wan, kekeke

[Lehbit], faitit go bite him!! Bigger bites oso nebermine!! Dun gip chance!! Acey korkor sapot you

[Clement], funny meh? which part worr?

[Pinksterz], oi!! what you thinking?? Nothing hapenning ler!!

[Winn], cocka is the sifu la! I learned from him wan.

[Wai kor], oso like it ar? lidat can ask lin peh be sifu ledi.

[KenngNg], blader, you no pity me meh? Now ppl tot I 2 5 chai ledi! kakakaka.

[Ichitaka], amazing leh, U wan to filled it like that anot?? Apply within.

[Ckyeo], You said it wan hor.

[Sasha],Of course Lin Peh nochet see la, he where got internet konek-tion!!Opis got la, muahahaha.

[abcchin], I bring minyak angin sapu for U, wokey? hehehe

[Pisang], lagi terrer!! dis status of liberty mia position oso you know!! I kao tau sama lu la!!!

Lisan said...

one word.

Wennn said...

Lin Peh must hv learned it from Chow Sing Chi's movie la... Paris Eifel Tower fan chun yau fan chun but thenn he din fan chun he just stand rite on top of it... kakakkakakkaakak

Lin Peh said...

Dear all, LinPeh still alive and practising Bollywood dance ! :-)

Huei said...


kesian linpeh!

backStreetGluttons said...

Bruder I give u a 10 for this April damn good laugh one !
V luv da Piao Mei WOW !
Solid swing leh, can bollow ah ?

Yinsi Yat said...

[Lisan], LOL?

[Wenn], that wan baru mia style ler..Lin Peh kung foo style.

[Lin Peh], Dei! Naked dance better la.Wakakakaa!!

[Huei], kesian ka? He frame me 2 5 chai wor!!! wakakaka

[Team bsg], woah! perfect 10 points ar? chun la. You the best!!

Anonymous said...

No wonder all his piao meis got headache..

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