Are you a Malaysian? If you are a Malaysian here something for you. This post of "My List" is to assemble all fellow Malaysian bloggers under one roof. Hop over to Daryl's blog for further details. In the spirit of MALAYSIA BOLEH attitude just link it!! Download the latest of My List from Daryl's blog and paste it in your blog. Having done that, submit your contact details and your URL using the "Contact Form" provided so that your blog url will added/updated to the list. The last day of submission is on the 15th May 2007. Thereafter you need to do another post of the final My List when you received email notification from him. This is a win-win situation! Spread the words around to your friends. Look many have done it already so can you!! Many thanks!!

My List Participants

In His Time
in His time
The New Sanctuary
a life full of surprises
Sketches of Life
Shannon's Old Space
Pikey Dude
SEO & Online Marketing Blog
I am Who I am
yung . silent whisper
Simple Life
One blog.One girl.One story
The World Through My Eyes
Why Malaysia?
Giddy Tigers
Make Money Online: Exploring The Dark Side of Blogging
Xilly's Blog
Malaika Xiao Yu
My Home Recipe
SQKIKI’s Simple Tech
Nukilan Jejari Azhad
Just My Lil' Organic Life
Oooh La La...
Weird World of MerapuMan
Fibre Art
The World at My Fingertips
Organic Income
Organic Parade
Shopping Flavor
Daily postings of a chung ling student
Something about LAI
KennyP’s Technology Blog
Women Mumbles
Lyon & Wien
Under The SUN
Crumbs In Life
SotongZai's Flow In the Ocean
Christene's Kitchen
[ Wood ] [ Earth ] [ Cheap ] [ Flight ]
Ah Ling's blog
Memoirs.:*CRoSs mY hE@Rt
vivivava Design
My Mothering Corner
Shoppingmum’s Home Office
My Filling Station
Shopping Mum
All about Beauty
Shoppingmum and Kids
Notes from my heart
Joy Montessori
wahlau's online hut
Cedric’s Asylum
mott’s mutterings
Just My Thoughts
Incoherent Ramblings
Make Money Online with Malaysia Love AGLOCO
Funky Cookies
Earn Money Blogging
PabloPabla's Whatever
Make Money with Blogging
Paris Beaverbanks
Free Links Giveaway
Free Blogger Templates
Making a Living
How to be a Better Blogger
My Women Stuff
Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food
Best Recipes
Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget
Daryl's Discovery Journey
The fluff must go somewhere

21 Aces:

Daryl W.T. Lau said...

My goodness... I've never realized how long this list has become. Thanks for your participation again!

Yinsi Yat said...

[Daryl], The longer the better ma...liddat baru syiok!!!Wakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!

jana said...

Um... hey... jana here... already linked you just so you know...

Anonymous said...

Hey hey~ Thanx for mentioning my blog! Cheers for u!

Wennn said...

AIya I am Malaysian but ot stay in Malaysia kenot do lor lidat....

OMG said...

My Blog Very Hamsap can join meh?? said...

Wuah...the list doubles since mine. So nice to see so many new blogs I never notice before.

OMG - Join lah, we dun care wan, Malaysians from all walks of life mah.

Yinsi Yat said...

[Jana], Hi there!! I already done it.!!! kekeke

[cedric], haha..that's what are link for, rite? kekeke

[Wenn toudai], You're are a Malaysian ma! You qualified ledi!

[OMG], You a Malaysian? Just do it!!! wakakaka

[5xmom], I agreed wif you. Many blog i never see before wan. The longer the better!! Bravo!!!

babyfiona said...

i dunt know how to do it ler -.-". i saw many done it to teach ar?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

teach me also......
i'm same with babyfiona

Anonymous said...

Hey this is David from american legends. I would love to link to your site.

My info is :
and the title is American Legends.


Yinsi Yat said...

[Fiona & Pisang], easy only la. Write a short post promoting the "My List" then download the latest "My List" from Daryl's blog-cut & paste, thereafter filled in the "contact form" in Daryl's blog and sent.!! You're done.

[David], You are linked!

Huei said...

i wan joinN!!!!

actually i got that post in draft for dem long edi..lazy to finish it up! now outdate liao! >.<

clement said...

yeah, my name is there somewhere. how come when i copy and paste it becomes one big pile of link, and yours ate carefully aligned line by line?

Admin said...

Why so late oni join wan?

very powerful wan this list.

Yinsi Yat said...

[Huei], still can do it, last dat is 15/5/07

[Clement], you got copy it correctly anot?

[Ahpek], i just saw it yesterday! kekekeke

ApOgEE said...

Huah!... I wanna... I wanna... I wanna join this oso can ka?

Yinsi Yat said...

[Apogee], Sure you can join. Faster do it!!kekeke Oops..welokam to my blog!

Winn said...

got free things or not first:p

eh i m jus being malaysian! haha

Yinsi Yat said...

[Winn], got links!!!

uc4n2 said...

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