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Today AceOne going to tell you all one nice mia stori la. My friend Boon now he "ho say leow". He now kaya ledi and he has built his own mansion ledi in Cyberjaya. Beside having this mansion he is also loaded with vitamins $$$, piao mei's(kway) , luxury cars like marsili, porsche, stocks etc. Anything he wanted oso got wan la.

AhBoon mia mansion

So in order to celebrate his success hor one day he open one bloggers party la inviting all his kakis go his mansion babi q, makan-minum and tok kok ! Only thing hor this "sin gin nah" damn ego wan because he filled his swimming pool with crocodiles wan. Tiu anot liddat!!!

While everybody was syiok..syiok eating and drinking by the poolside, suddenly AhBoon climbed up the lifeguard tower standing up there and all his blogger friends looked at him puzzle la!! What the fark he is doing up there. AhBoon called for complete silence and he posed some questions la.

Ahboon: Anyone who dare swims across my pool will get all my money! Wan anot?

Bloggers: All looking in the pool and no one dare to move!!!

AhBoon: OK, anyone that swim across my pool gets all my money and all my piao mei!!!

Bloggers: Oi!! got crocodile worr!!! Who so sohai wan to jump inside ler!!!

Dis time Ahboon tulan ledi because no one atcherly dare to take his challenge and he increase his stake and said ;-

AhBoon: OK then, the first person who dare to swim across my swimming pool gets all my money, all my piao mei, including my marsili and porsche!!! Who wan to try jek??

Bloggers: Up to now still no one dare to make a move and not even an eye blinks this time.

AhBoon: Spoke out loudly!!! Still no body wan to try ka?? Nabeh!!! Okay lar.."wa boh pian la" Wa ho lu lang suma la. Dis time wa hor last call liao!!!! I'll gip all my money, all my piao meis, all my stocks, my marsili, my porsche including this mansion!!!! Chun anot????

SUDDENLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MCH!!! KNN!!!!

Got the "Splash" sound !!!! Someone's is in the pool !!!!! Crocodiles are all over him. He is fighting and dodging for his life, he rolls over like Tarzan, he is all over place....crocodile coming !! At last, this guy managed to gets out of the pool on the other side. AhBoon quickly jumps down from the tower and runs over to him.


Look see....look see ...it was hamhai Lin Peh!!!

That was incredible!! I never thought I would ever see that done again! Do you want the money, my piao meis, my stocks, my marsili, my porsche and my mansion now?

Lin Peh: Muka flush ledi... I dowan..I dowan!!!! I dowan your things..

AhBoon looked at Lin Peh and said, " Well what the hell do you want then???

Lin Peh: I wan that farker who pushed me in the pool!!!

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29 Aces:

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

no la
linpeh accually step on banana skin

Anonymous said...

this wan kar....
his toudai ckyeo push him la....
you see la all ahboon gip who can resis?

Anonymous said...

no no acually

rojakz push him

pinksterz said...

i teka aceone yang tolak! kaka

Anonymous said...

to me, linpeh
posses himself with steve irwin spirit and jump into that pool...
you see la normal peoples like us oledi sleep in buaya belly lor.

Anonymous said...

laki la itu sohai apa pun tak mau...
u wan me sleep street ka!? give all!

Huei said...


Weird Dan said...

hmm...must be acey push one... haha

Lin Peh said...


janice said...

hahaha... take the money and all the stuff first lah.. then only cari tht person tht tolak u mah .. LOL !

Rabbit said...

*whisper to acey kor kor* ShhhHhh! I wont tell lin peh u were the one who pushes him one! Its our secret!

Unknown said...

SShhhhh... it was me pushing linpeh into the pool... LOL

Yinsi Yat said...

[Pisang], how you know he step on banana skins?

[yzak,shin asuka,kira yamamoto], oi..what is your URL??

[Pinksterz], Oh..you tuduh me push ar?

[ahboon], your brader ma!!!wakakaka

[Huei], laugh slowly..!!

[danielctw], dunno who worrr!!!wakakaka

[Lin Peh], tak tau!!

[Janicepa], yalor..lin peh sohai maciam wan!!! kekeke

[Lehbit], Shhhhhhh!!!!!!quite lehbit muimui..quite SHHHHHH!!!!!

[Kenny], tenkiu you..at last you admit!!! Lin Peh, see!! not me!!

Anonymous said...

mebbe he thot the crocs were piao mei's....

too much yam-seng leh...... ;-)

Rycerain said...

LOL! Why so many ppl fighting to admit they pushed lin peh ah? Got wat prize for pushing him? I want! I want!

Winn said...

y not u? haha

BillyWarhol said...




clement said...

if he dunwan the money, give me la

kuanyin333 said...

Babe, so where's the link? Show me yours first! :-) Then I'll link.

Cocka Doodle said...

Linpeh pei yan tooi ah?

Yinsi Yat said...

[Mott], Lin Peh blur blur liao after some nice neat martini!!kakaka

[rycerain], kekeke..they no fighting. You oso wan AhBoon's money? Then you got to jump in the pool wan wor! Think again wor!!

[Winn], Not me!! I good wan

[Billy}, Welcome!!

[Clement], you got to jump in the pool first la!! Where can simply give wan

[Kuanyin], Done already!!

[Cocka], Yalor!! Was it you who "tooi" him?? kakakaka

Anonymous said...


Yinsi Yat said...

[Laundryamah], amah! amah!! you Okay anot ?

Winn said...

LOL @ laundryamah..

she watching stephen chow la

ckyeo said...

ada hantu.....

Sweetpea said...

woooooo..woooooo......yinsi! apa you buat so busy??!!

Yinsi Yat said...

[Winn}, Muahahaha!! Chow sing Chi is my aujeong oso lah!

[Ckyeo], where got hantu?

[sweetpea], aiyooo!!! busy lohhh

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... now only i know ahboon so damn rich! Tonight i go rob him!

Yinsi Yat said...

[neo], rob him ledi.share share sikit !! hahaha

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