Bookkeeping Help For Small Business

If you are doing small business and have been sending your accounts books to your regular accountant which charges you hundreds or thousands each month or totally messed up your books, here is the right place for you. Accounting Paradise bookkeeping fees is the cheapest. All bookkeeping is done by people who do that for everyday living and it is much faster.

They keep their books so simple that anybody can continue with their work should you decide to do it in house later because there is no long term contract involved. You can cancel it at anytime you want furthermore they are even willing to help train your employees to do that too.

At Accounting paradise, they also offer services like payroll and I find it very affordable. Their Self service payroll only cost you $1.99 per employee per pay period and Full service is only $3.00 per employee per pay period. If your company have more employees its get even cheaper at $0.99 for self service per employee per pay period and $2.00 for Full service per employee per pay period respectively.

Beside this, they also sell software. Quickbooks is an Accounting software. If you are starting a small business, I strongly recommend Quickbook Online Edition. Buy now and save 20% + Free Shipping!!!

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