As you all know this year is visit Malaysia year 2007. Many foreigners has landed in our country to enjoy the lovely sun. Cheranting, Pulau Tioman, Pulau Perhentian, just to name a few. Today mia stori is about ahlian and one Mat salleh (let me name him as Long John) . It is liddis wan.

One day hor this Long John from europe arrived in one of the island. After a long journey from Kuala Lumpur, this first thing he wanted to do is to ease himself. He was looking for the toilet la.

When he found the toilet, he saw ahlian was sitting in front of the toilet. He was about to enter the toilet then ahlian stopped him and said forty cents in Cantonese (Sei Kok), Long John scratch his head and just wonder why in Malaysia, they have to "see cock" before entering the toilet.

Long John said "No", but ahlian insisted that he pay up before entering the toilet. Since he got no choice, Long John took out his cock and showed it to her. Ahlian said, NO..NO..saya mau Duit-duit!!! but Long John misunderstood her because he thought ahlian asking for..Do it- do it!!

So, he asked ahlian, "NOW, HERE?"

Ahlian abit angry ledi...just reply "YES, YES" because she does not understand English.She know yes and no oni. kakaka

Long John thought she agreed to have sex with him, so he strip up ahlian and make love to her and ahlian was screaming and said "SAKIT, SAKIT" !!Again long john thought she asked him to "suck it, suck it" pulak so he said "OK, I will suck it for you" and take the breast and sucked!!!!

Of course ahlian screamed lagi la "Oh, TUHAN!"

Long John misunderstood again. "Too HARD?? OK sweet heart, I will be gentle a bit, OK?"

Suddenly the coast guard security walked by and heard ahlian screaming asking for help, "TOLONG, TOLONG, ENCIK."

But on the other hand, Long John again misunderstood her meaning again and said ,'NOT TOO LONG , just about 6 inches only!!!!


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day-dreamer said...



kyh said...


liddis oso can? :P

babyfiona said...

-_____-" CHOOOIIII!

clement said...

i read this somewhere.... but it's still funny... cool man

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA.. goodness!! laugh until sakit perut..

Jason Leingod said...

encik is pronounce as eight inch ka? lol...

YBrat said...

read it long time ago, but stil good to laugh at.

Rabbit said...

I also ada read this before! In forwarded mail one!

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