Grandma "Geng Ah"

Today mia stori is about Ahbean and Ah por por. Liddis wan the stori...AhBean is a young guy. He is veli well built muscular man and leng chai too. All the girls in town likes him wan. One day he found himself unemployed and he has to pay his bills, rent, food etc...

This is ahbean. Muscular anot jek?

In order for him to get some easy money, Ahbean put up a sign outside the door of his apartment. There below la weii!!!!..where you looking jek?

Not long after that hor.... ah por por kambing back from the market, walks pass his door. She stop and read the sign la. Ah Por por thought for a while and then she slowly walk back home. When reached home ledi, she straight walked into her room and she decides to break her piggy bank. She counted the money....woah!! ah por por happy like bird la!! With the money in her hand, she head for the young man mia apartment.

Ah por por knock-knock on the door...

Ahbean opens the door and ahpor por hands him the money. After counting the money, he tells her it is $100 dollars you have wanna do it it bed?



Don't be naive young man! I wan to do it 4 times on the floor!!!! You can tahan anot jek?


This stori lagi syiok to read!

17 Aces:

Anonymous said...

Eeeee the Ah Por Por so notty ler like you only! And why use Ah Bean jek?? Spoil my boy boy's name only. HEhehe!!

Winn said...

haha lei jaan hai arrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!cocka number 2!!!!

ah nel said...

cipet...u can tahan onot ler!!!

day-dreamer said...

Wahlau! Kum dou tak?? *pengsan*

Cheeky_me said...

wei yinsi, fai tit fwd me the first and fourth picture to me, i want to use it as my computer wallpaper

Anonymous said...

yerrrrrrr.....u memang one hum sup fler! bluekkk!

Yinsi Yat said...

[Nesh], aiseyman! put wrong name ledi tim!

[Winn], cocka number 2? wakakaka

[Ahnel], cipet..what abt U?? wakakaka

[day dreamer], why ng tak? Ahpor por geng ma!

[Cheeky me], do you wan me to post for you? Me lagi chun lar! hahaha

[Laundryamah], I thought you asked for more wan in your previous comments! LOL

Anonymous said...

ah por por, u sure u can handle it ah? :P

Jason Leingod said...

wow, itu poh poh from what country one? lol...

Sweetpea said...

porpor got bring KY warming gel along or not leh? not for her, but for ahbean! kakakakakkaa!!! coz i'm sure he got no mood leh!

Rabbit said...

Ah por por yeng ah!! Manyak pandai!! *salute*

Cocka Doodle said...

Hahaha...laundryamah kar ching ging!

Wah...that por por still want 4 rounds ah? She is dried and withered liao! She got bring KY anot?

I think she can give very good blowjobs if she removes her dentures. MUahahahahaha!!!

Huei said...


sei lor!

Sasha Tan said...


Horny Ang Moh said...

Aiyuh!! This $100 very very hard to earn.Have to cum 4 time. Really really hard ( soft ) to earn.Have a nice day.

Yinsi Yat said...

[Butt], you think leh? hehehe

[Itchytaka], what country come tarak important la! hahahaha

[Sweetpea], I'm sure ahbean sure sien wan la...ah por por nonit KY gel wan, she use her saliva wan!! wakakakaka

[Lehbit], Har? yeng ar? 4 times wor! Syiok la you! kekeke

[Cocka], she veli sexpert wan! No problem wan geh

[Huei], no sei lar..she syiok oni! hehehe

[Sasha], she long time koyak liao ma, NO??

[Hor ny ang moh], nowadays cari makan susah lah! hahaha. You too have a nice day.

janice said...

2 times in front ; 2 times behind.. doner !!

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