How Big Is Your Ball?

The other day I 'yum char' with my friends and one of the chap suddenly post us a question. How big is your ball? WTF!! What kind of question is that? It kept me ponder for a while then he said lets refer to our position in the office. Let me use the 'sport' ball for easy illustrations.

The sport ball choice for the urban poor is Basketball.

The sport ball choice for maintenance employee is Bowling ball.

The sport ball choice for front line worker is American football.

The sport ball choice for Supervisor is Baseball.

The sport ball choice for Middle Management staffs is Tennis ball.


The sport ball choice for Corporate Executives and Officers is Golf ball.

So now tell me which "ball" category are you in ?

The amazing conclusion is :-

The Higher you climb in the coporate structure, the smaller your balls become! How true is that? and some fellar also catch no balls because they don't fall into any of that category.

Wakakaka!!! Blek!!

15 Aces:

kyh said...

haaaa!!!! so which one is urs???? i mean... how big is urs???? WAKKAAAA!!!!

day-dreamer said...


So, which level are you at now? :P

Ah Pek said...

FYI. I have no balls!

Bengbeng said...

interesting :) must measure mine some time :)

dynamichui said...

I'll learn to be all of the balls someday.

_butt said...

LOL!!! but I really catch no ball on this one leh.. :P

marsha said...

like ah-pek, I also got no balls both in the hypothetical situation above and also in real-life. I think I don't mind being ball-less...

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

no tru mah?
'guli' ball is smaller yet is not high ranking wan.

ka ka ka ka ka ka ka

Rabbit said...

Gua also tarak balls lah! Kaka!

Winn said...


errrrrrrr! snooker ball leh? snowball leh? sepak takraw leh? ping pong ball leh? stress ball leh ? ball point pen leh?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Actually I want to say I am 'balless' but if I say that, reader to my sites will say all the 'performance' I writes on 'hor ny'entries is 'non-performance'. SO I declare that my ball is the size of a basketball!!! Have a nice day.

Huei said...

i pun tarak balls!! kakakaka

ball bearing leh? =P

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

you mistake la......

you got two balls leh.....


ace tru anot?

AceOne118 said...

[ky Hot], Errrr!!! mine is not in the category leh! hahahaha

[Day-dreamer], me tarak level wan!

[Ahpek], same here! We are self-employed!

[Beng-Beng], Measure ledi let us know ya!

[dynamichui], kekeke! Start from the biggest ball ar?

[Butt], tarak catch ball?

[Marsha], Hi leng lui! Long time no see!!! So happy you came by!! hahaha. Errr...I know you being ball-less all this while! hehehe

AceOne118 said...

[Pisang], that was just example nia...kekeke!

[Lehbit], Come..come..I check first! hahaha

[Winn], woah!! woah!! you like so many balls wan geh? Hoh sui ke!

[Hor ny ang moh], Your stories are good. Keep it up! I liked the bath tub thingy! wakakakaka!!

[Huei], Come I check ! kekeke

[Pisang], I nochet lehbit leh! How you know she got 2 balls? walau!

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