Do you want to apply for a credit card? At the moment, Mint credit card has an offer of three 0%. Yes! I’m not joking! They are having three 0% benefits which you can’t refuse. Check this out:-

a) 0% on purchases until 1st of January 2008.

b) 0% on balance transfer until 1st August 2008 (2.5% fee)

c) 0% bonus offer until 1st of April 2009 on balance transferred during October 2008 (2.5% fee)

Where else can you find this type of deal? Moreover, they have just lowered their typical APR to 14.9%. When you apply for a credit card and got approve, the credit limit is up to pound sterling 7,500. Other features which includes online fraud protection, chip and pin security, zero annual fee among others.

You got nothing to loose, APPLY NOW!

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