Nastasshea's Boyfriend.

Nastasshea mia boyfriend is Mr Bean. Her job is to sit there and looked at his boyfriend photos and videos! In her drawer are all full of Mr Bean mia videos both sensored and unsensored one. Hahahaha!! Here Nesh, add to your collections! Mr Lobak Bean Bombastic!

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15 Aces:

Anonymous said...

Ahyoyo! Mr Bean my boyfriend?? Oh no... how did you know? Arg!! Suppose to be a secret! Now all the presses will coem after me!

Oh the video?? VEERRY SEXY.... *ssssssssss* Feeling hot just watching him do his THANG!

Hehehe!! You so notty lah AceOne! Need to picit ur cheeks already!

ah nel said...

cipettt...y u post ur karekter?

Wennn said...

Hhahah wah SIfu U also know Mr Bean ah? got get his autogragh for me or not ah???

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

did mr bean did a silly thing when he go to that restaurent that you work?

babyfiona said...

haha, since when mr bean become nesh bf???

Anonymous said...

wah can ask nastasshea to get her boyfriend's autograph for me?? I'm a big fan of him! haha

Cocka Doodle said...

Geez....I'm amazed how strong the resemblance between your avatar and his picture. LOL

Anonymous said...

Mr Bean is my hottie hot stuff!! *rrRRrrr (kitty purrs)*

Winn said...

sumore say no fatt hao?

y i cant see the pic one. obscene one is it?

Huei said...

how come mrbean is her bf..and u research for more videos for her wan?? =P hehehe

Sweetpea said...

wah aceone - once no blogging go days to thaicock no shadow from you. then see see 3 blogs sekaligus! i tabik lu. mana wa mia linklink?? :P

janice said...

can i have tht video pls.. i like it so much .. hahaha... pls send to ma lah ..

Sasha Tan said...

KAKAKKA poor girl!

Yinsi Yat said...

[Nesh], Oi! pain lor picit my cheeks! kekeke

[Ahnel], that's yours chacarter! hahaha

[Wenn], U wan his autograph ar? Ask ahnel gip U oso the same lar! hahaha

[Pisang], woah! you oso know AhBean oso come from uk wan kah? hehehe

[Babyfiona], long time ledi you know leh!

[Butt], ask ahnel oso same-same lar!

[cocka], what do you think?

[Nesh], yeah..i know!

[Winn], why you kenot see? Boh obscene wan la!

[Huei], she got all his videos and the doll all same-same wan la..she sleep oso smell that doll wan! wakakaka!!!!!!!

[Sweepea], Link liao la! hahaha

[Janice, check your mail pls! I sent ledi

[Sasha], no poor la...she infact is a rich girl!

Anonymous said...

wah...this time I jealous...!

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