Nation Finance

Last week Steven had a car accident. He contacted his car insurance broker wanting to make a claim on the damaged car. That broker is not answering his calls and running away from him. It gave him a bad impression what kind of services he is giving him. I told Steven to consider changing to another better car motor insurance and I recommended him at Nation Finance.

This is the best place to get car insurance. There are several car insurance providers for him to choose from in nation finance and he will get 10 to 15 percent discount when applying online. The level of services rendered at nation finance is excellent when making a claim. When it comes to renewal time their brokers will be able to give him advices on the best deal available.

I even recommended Steven to take up their credit card services at Nation finance. There are so many credit card providers for him to choose from too. Choosing a credit card is vitally important because different banks charge different annual fees. However, most of the banks offer zero percent balance transfer. In their bid to retain customers, many credit card companies have their own marketing plan or incentives. There are cash back or rewards schemes to choose from. Reward schemes usually offer points that can be redeemed against goods from selected outlets. So Steven, Choose wisely!!

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