Seduce A Celeb

I’m sure many of you guys know Mirelly Taylor. She appeared in movies like Kiss Me Again, Serving Sra, Las Vegas and Numb3rs. She is a hot and sexy celebrity I’m going to date. You don’t believe me? Check this out at Free videos at

It is an online reality dating show for GoFish user. I’m certainly joining this site and submit in my video to get a date from her. The best thing is I can submit as many video as I like to increase my chances. Furthermore, this seduce a celeb show will be on for the next 14 weeks!!!

Here is one of the example of a video submitted by the contestant - Denton Rose. The higher number of votes will win a hot date with her.

As for the ladies, don't worry, I have Mr Andrew Firestone for you. He is a handsome guy, very well built and many ladies i'm sure drolling for him. He is also in the show. He had appeared in "The Bachelor" before.

So come on guys! Join and upload to submit your video now! You never know if you are selected. This is one of a life time chance to date a Hollywood celebrity. Good Luck to you!

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