AceOne Air will soon have a brand new image. I can see all of the other airlines had changed their aeroplane color. Some come out with Mickey and Minnie mouse, others with their countries culture and our own national airline MAS also changed from white to red ledi. What do you think AceOne Air color should be? And what picture shall I put ar?? Can give some idea?

Japan airline with Mickey and Minnie mouse.

Another one but different color.

Thailand with their own culture images.

Cathay Pacific..Hong Kong mia boy-boy!

Malaysia Mia kaler!

Air Asia sponsor Manchester United??

Diswan Singapok mali wan.

Qantas from Australia.

MAS and AirAsia, chun anot?

Qatar Airway with "Unta" at the tail!!

Southwest airways with Bear-bear on top!!

Japunese Universal studio mia plane.

Austrian Airline.

Avis airways with limosine car.

Air Nippon comes with ballons at the tail.

AceOne Air put Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald Duck Chun anot ar? kekeke

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13 Aces:

day-dreamer said...

Hmm... not bad, not bad.

So, when can I get free air tickets?

kyh said...

wah so nice hor the designs!

why ur one ciplak the japanese airlines one? :x

FL Sam said...

Your airlines low cost or High class type? Never see you advertise wan. Onli free for fren or wat! :)

Anonymous said...

Potong steam mix la you
I thought sure got nice girl girl picture or something like that
I guess I assumed you wrongly again

Huei said...

wah so shiok!

i tot nippon paint sponsor! =P hehehhe

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

where's arsenal mia plane?
got that baru complate

Jason Leingod said...

pikachu plane looks nice... should make an anime/ manga plane! XD

Yinsi Yat said...

[day-dreamer], where got free wan in this world! LOL

[flsam], that wan ciplak meh? kekeke

[Zeroimpact], leng lui pic kambing up! kakaka

[Huei], you wan to sponsor anot jek? kekeke

[Pisang], arsenal tarak sponsor leh

[Itchitaka], teach me!

Anonymous said...

I want AceOne air punya!! so cantik! why Malaysia use cili merah punya color wan? tak cantik lah.. :P

Yinsi Yat said...

[butt], fuiyoh! I got new passenger ledi! hahahaha

kyh said...

ciplak is me said one, not flsam! u blur dy liao la! TFK too much today isit? :P

Anonymous said...

Er...the Qatar Airway..isn't Unta a camel? Shouldn't that be called a "Kambing" Heehehe!!!

Waaaa u got airway?? Fly me to hawaii!

Yinsi Yat said...

[ky HOT], wakakaka!! Mafulatt!! technical error lah!!

[Nesh], Looks like kambing meh?

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