Advised from grandma

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Today mia story is about one chun piao mei kena "pooh pek-pooh pek" from her grandma. The story like this one. She used to go out dating with her boyfriend very often. Grandma scare her grand daughter is no more virgin already so granny want to give her some advise lah.

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Granny: Piao mei...piao mei come sit here. I wan to give you some advises about young boys.

Piao mei: what about ar?

Granny: If your bf try to kiss you hor...don't let him do that.

Piao mei: Ah por-por, kissing is normal wor!!

Granny: you just listen lah..if your bf going to try to feel your breast, don't let him do that! if yr bf wan to put his hands between your legs, you dun let him do that , wokeh?

Piao mei: wokeh set! ah por-por I will take your advise.

Granny: I not finish yet, ....most importantly if your bf try to get on top of you and have his way on you, you dun let him do that. It will disgrace the yourself. 'Plotek' yourself at all times.

Piao mei: Ok..ok.. i remember that. Thanks ah por-por for your advises.

With that bit of advices in mind, piao mei went on her date with her bf. The next day she told her granny that her date went just fine.

Granny: Apa maciam? Did your bf do anything to you?

Piao mei: He tried to do it but I didn't let him disgrace the me. When he tried, I turned him over and tied him and he didn't had the chance to 'plotek' himself...then I feel his chess, put my hands between his legs and got on top of him instead and I disgraced him.


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Monk said...

haha...Piao Mei is really a good girl ... listen to her grandma

day-dreamer said...

Wah... like that also can... =.="

ah nel said...

wuahhh...cipet!ur piaomei gf reli can...

Sweetpea said...

wowoohshhh!! piao mei can really dance!

janice said...

hahaha... ur piao mei sure very cleber wor

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