AhBeng Sot Plug Anot?

Today mia stori is about Ahbeng admitted to mental hospital. One day, Ahbeng had a bad fall in the bathroom. He has no bleeding whatsoever. His wife Ahlian is damn worried about his condition ledi because he has not touch her for quite sometime already somemore he is toking to himself every day. Sometimes he is normal, sometimes he is not. Ahlian thought her lou kung (husband) sot plug ledi so she sent him to mental hospital for observation.

At the hospital, Ahbeng found a new friend Ahkow. Both being sot plug liddat, they are placed in the same room. Their daily routine are exercise, watering the plants, sweeping and cleaning the hospital compound etc. One fine morning, while they are out doing their daily routine, suddenly Ahkow saw one leng lui image in the swimming pool. He dived into the pool and tried to grab this opportunity hold of her. Mana tau he oso dunno how to swim pulak. Ahbeng saw him struggling in the water and he dived in to saved ahkow. Everyone in the compound saw his heroic act including the medical director. Soon after, they are all asked to go back to their room.

Few hours later... the medical doctor called Ahbeng to his consultation room.

Loctor: Ahbeng! We have good news and bad news for you.

Ahbeng: Smiling ledi!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Loctor: The good new is we are going to discharge you today bcoz you have regained your senses, you able to jump in and save another patient.

Ahbeng: Hooray! Claps hands!!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Loctor : The bad news is, the patient Ahkow whom you saved committed suicide. He hung himself.

Ahbeng: ?? Hung himself?? You 'siow' ar loctor!! He didn't hung himself wor. His body wet-wet leh. I hung him there to dry mah. I tight him that time he somemore moving here moving there wor so I fastened it tighter lor!!!!!


9 Aces:

day-dreamer said...


Dunno whether to laugh or to cry. Hahaha!

Sasha Tan said...

HAHAHHA this is something i have never read before! good one!

pinksterz said...


sometimes i got this feeling that this ahbeng is aceone lah.

*wink wink grin*

Jason Leingod said...

save him then kill him, kesian, lol...

Winn said...

errr.....how shld i react????

Monk said...

Good job ah beng

Yinsi Yat said...

[Day-dreamer], you finally choose to laugh!

[Sasha], now you read it ledi! hahaha,alright!! tenkiu

[Pinky],ahbeng is aceone? Where got? Tarak lah!!

[Itchitaka], he is hospital ma. Sot plug ledi. kekeke

[Winn], how do you want to react?

[Monk], ahbeng bolihhhhh!!!

Horny Ang Moh said...

I think I better laugh! Good story! Something to cheer me up. Have a nice day.

Rabbit said...

Woah! Ah beng is ah kow mia very good friend leh! See he so got yi hei! he samo goan hang him up to make him dry leh! If no yi hei mia will just dump him aside only der! Keke!

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