Burn Notice's Spying 101

Do you know how to be a spy? Well I learned this skills from this guy named James. Yes, he is 007 James Bond. There is another TV series coming up soon on USA Network's Burn Notice. To be a spy is not an easy job. It takes years of training and hands on operation. Practice make perfect. Firstly you must be a brainier. Act cool if you have to and must be cunning to face any form of dangers in front of you. At the end of the day most importantly is “Mission Accomplished”.

The tasks of a spy are much easier to be accomplished with all the tools and gadgets in hand. All these tools must be highly complex. I need a sophisticated car to escape. Highly technique watches with spy camera recording. See through binoculars for seeing more than 100 meters away and not forgetting sophisticated weapons for protection. There are many more tools and gadgets for you to find out in this action cum thriller element with surprising humor and an iconic new breed of spy.Starting June 28th Michael Weston, a CIA operative on USA Network's TV series named Burn Notice. He will accomplish a similar task. Check this out. Also stars in the show are Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona, Bruce Campbell as Sam and Sharon Gless as Madeline.

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backStreetGluttons said...

lidat i also want to be spy how to become?

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