Coloring Pages for Kids

My niece Amanda likes to do coloring. She started doing coloring at the age of 4. I used to buy her so many coloring books from the bookstore. She liked it very much. I won’t mind buying these books for her. She can at least learn these skills and at the same time treat it as a hobby. Until recently, I found a web site which has Free Coloring Pages. I can now save me money on buying coloring books for her. I am going to register for her and tell other kids too.

There are so many pictures for her to choose from Cartoons, Anime, Toys, Animals, Nature, Sports, Foods, Education and many others. You name it they have it. All I need to do is to teach her how to do coloring on these existing pictures. It is very easy and simple. Just select any of the pictures you like and fill them with any color you like from the palette. To color this picture, all you need to do is click on the picture that you like to fill in. That’s not all; she can also upload her own favorite picture online for other people to color her picture too. All she needs to do is share the URL with her friends. She loves this!

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