Whether it is Motor GP or F1 racing, I am loving every minutes of it. Firstly can see my favorite F1 team race at GP and the cost of their cars will come in millions. Liddat hor, can buy one high class bangalow with swimming pool leh. Which one would you want to buy if given this money? F1 racing car or bangalow with swimming pool? The other thing I like about this kind of event is of course the "leng luis" lah. They all looked so sexy can die!! The killer weapons in them is the attire. For sure all the "mah lat low" drooling wan. This guy zeroimpact requested for some leng luis pictures worr! Don't worry, I have many of them. See till you drop!!Now you got it blader!!! wakakaka.

I am sure many of you gals want this type of body figures wan geh, true anot? Firstly hor, you got to exercise geh...and must go slimming class wan. Anyway, If you don't have body figures as above also never mind lah. As long as you don't look like the pictures below you "kira" okay liao lah!!! I really wonder what will happens if the gals below wear bikini at the GP finals. Do you think there will still be spectators? What's your say??


5 Aces:

Jason Leingod said...

at first I nose bleed, then I wanna puke liao... o.O

why got Capcom girls also one? which photo u take urself one ace? XD

babyfiona said...

yer!! so fugly one!

day-dreamer said...

I think guys who looked at these pictures will most likely suffer from a bleeding nose. Hehe.

Yinsi Yat said...

[Itchitaka], I tarak nose bleed wor! I syiok oni see the GP girls! wakakaka

[babyfiona], got free "fei chee yok" no need go market buy ledi!! wakakaka

[day-dreamer], nope..not me! I syiok oni!

Anonymous said...

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